Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Old Boy

    My son turns 2 next month and I have been struggling with ideas of what to buy a 2 year old boy for their birthday. 
    I never seem to struggle for ideas for my daughter plus it does help that she knows what she wants!
    My son however isn’t really that into toys, he doesn’t have a favourite, he isn’t really into crafts either. He’d much rather be playing outdoors or have us play with him by chasing him around!
    The only thing he really likes is water! Everyday no matter what time it is or whether he has already had a bath he will ask for another bath!
    So I have put together a list of what we have bought him for his 2nd birthday. 
    Aqua Play Lock Box 
    I came across this on accident but as soon as I saw it I immediately knew I’d found the perfect gift for him. You fill it with water, you can play with the different parts of it making the height of the water higher or lower and it has some great accessories too. Plus it folds away easy. I just hope it won’t make too much mess in my kitchen!

    Happy Hopper Dino
    I only discovered this on the weekend at s birthday party we attended with soft play my son would not leave this alone and really wanted to bring it home so I guess he’s chosen this gift himself. 

    ELC Post Box
    A toy that has been greatly played with at our local play group we attend. Both my children seem to enjoy it. Although I couldn’t find it brand new I came across one on eBay. 

    Vtech Gadget Robot
    This is fairly large in size, makes lots of noise and has coins you put inside to interact with it. 

    Wooden Farm Set
    This is also fairly large but I think it will be a great long lasting toy for both my children. 

    Pink Pear Bear
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    16 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Old Boy

    1. These are some great ideas! I didn't know what to get my son when he turned two, we bought him a wooden kitchen, but as his birthday wasn't long after Christmas we decided to give it to him for Easter instead. Plus he had a party so had lots of gifts from people and was happy enough. We won't be able to get away with that next year though when he's more aware of what his birthday means!

      I love the water box toy with the cars and also the robot! My son also loves the elc postbox, but like you we struggled to find one. These are great ideas and have given me some inspiration for Christmas presents for my son 🙂 thank you.

      1. Hi Claire
        Thanks for commenting hopefully as he gets older he'll be more into something or can tell me what he'd like.
        I think he'll love the water box the most just hope it doesn't make too much mess lol xx

    2. We have the little version of Gadget the robot and he's fab. I wanted to get the big one for my son but they'd sold out, he looks so good. Love the water play too. My boys have a postbox and playing postmen keeps them busy for ages. #bigpinklink

    3. Boys can b hard to buy for, and 2 year olds especially-I have found with both of mine that I struggle to find toys that engage them! The eldest (who is 3) has that farm, and he loves it! The little one is 2 in a couple of weeks, and I haven't got him anything for his birthday yet! But he loves water too, so I think I'll look into one of those water boxes, and I also think he'd love the post box too-he seems obsessed with real life post boxes!! These are all fabulous ideas, and than you so much for sharing with us at #bigpinklink!

      1. Yes I find it hard to find toys that engage him too although he does enjoy puzzles but really how many of those can you buy lol. I think the farm will entertain both my children as well and encourage them to play together more x

    4. These are some fantastic ideas – I love the look of the postbox – I think both my boys would enjoy that now. It can be really hard to find good gifts for such young age groups – we struggled with my 1yr old last week but this post has some great ideas

      Laura x

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