Birth Story Feature #3 Rachel

Today’s birth story is from Rachel who blogs at boardbaby 

How old were you when you had your baby/babies?

I had just turned 40. I suffered three miscarriages previously and have just suffered another since Noah’s birth

How many weeks were you when you found out you were expecting?
5 weeks
How did your anomaly scan go?
Fine, all good
Did you find out the sex of your baby?
We didn’t want to but he displayed all which left us pretty much in no doubt
Was your baby born on its due date?
3 days before (thankfully, as – because of my age- they wanted to induce on my due date
Did you stick to you birth plan? (If you had one)
No, except pain relief. It was barely looked at to be fair. I was 6 cm when I got to hospital so didn’t really have much time to discuss it, he was born two hours later.
What pain relief if any did you have?
None, yogic breathing
How was your labour?
On a whole, fine. It was relatively quick which helped. I slept through until my contractions were 2 minutes apart and he was born under 4 hours later. They recommended ventouse but the suction bell was broken so by the time they got it working he was pretty much delivered.

How old are is your baby now?
15 months
What have been your most challenging parental experiences?
Lack of sleep… We don’t have a sleeper, in fact he’s ‘slept through’ 8 times to date
No time as a couple… We don’t have a support network so never have time just as a couple
Do you have any advice for new parents?
Spend as much time as a couple before baby comes along because no matter how strong you are as a couple, your relationship DOES change.
If breast feeding, the first 3 months are trying… After this everything falls into place and becomes the easiest thing you can do.
What are your best baby buys?
Angel Care Monitor (we bought ours secondhand and it gives wonderful peace of mind), Space Blanket (hours and hours of fun for babies and so cheap), Jumperoo, anything that makes a noise (don’t have to spend… Pasta/rice in a bottle, egg shakers), baby carrier (in our case a mei tai and bobawrap) Good quality pram (we have the Jané Trider and have blooming loved it, it’s truly been worth every penny)
Do you plan on having any more children?
Yes we do. Quickly (age being an issue), though I have just suffered a miscarriage but hope we get lucky again soon. 
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