Birth Story Feature #2 Georgina

    On today’s Birth Story Feature we have Georgina from Mummy-Pixie 

    How old were you when you had your baby/babies?
    The grand old age of 36 🙂

    How many weeks were you when you found out you were expecting?
    Somewhere between 6-9 weeks – initially they thought 9 weeks, but after my initial scan, it would have worked out at 6 weeks 🙂

    How did you anomaly scan go?
    It went fine, although because I’m overweight and because he was on a funny angle they couldn’t see everything they needed to, so they had to get me back a week later for a re-scan.  The worst part was how painful it was (the first anomaly scan) as the woman who was a bit inexperienced was digging the dopper into my tummy so hard she nearly made me cry tears of pain, I was convinced it must have been bad for the baby – I had such a painful tummy for 2 days after – she was using 2 hands on the dopper to press as hard as she could 🙁  When I went back it was someone else and they were really gentle and saw everything they needed to, it did make me nervous to get scanned though.  Luckily it was all worth it as he was fine and he’s still perfect 🙂

    Did you find out the sex of your baby?
    Yes, although they couldn’t tell at the 20 week scan, it wasn’t until I was about 30 weeks that they saw we were having a boy.

    Was your baby born on its due date? 
    Nope, I was induced a week early as they were nervous about me having a big baby due to gestational diabetes (he was born 6lb 9oz)!

    Did you stick to you birth plan? (If you had one)
    We didn’t really have a birth plan, the only thing really was that I wasn’t keen on having an epidural (which I ended up having anyway).

    What pain relief if any did you have? 
    For the first couple days of induction I just had co-codimol, then as I progressed I had gas and air, but as the contractions worsened I had some pethedine, and then an epidural.  But from having the first pessary, through to when I gave birth was Friday midday to Monday 4pm, so I needed everything I could!

    How was your labour? 
    Horrific! From about midday on Friday when the first pessary went in, I was having regular and painful contractions, but I didn’t deliver until Monday at 3:48pm.  I was in full progressed labour for about 6.5 hrs, but having full blown painful contractions (thanks to the hormone drip) from 6pm on Sunday every 3-5 minutes.  I was exhausted – I hadn’t really slept properly since Thursday night, as in hospital I was surrounded by screaming women 24hrs a day, and throughout each night I had really bad contractions.  I ended up having to have help from a suction cup after pushing for close to 1.5 hours.  My waters also broke on Friday night, so I was at very high risk of infection as they left it so long to take me to the delivery ward for the hormone drip.  When the little man was born, he didn’t cry, he was blue and subsequently was born with a low apgar score of 5, but within a few minutes after having suction and oxygen he was back up to 10.  I only needed one stitch too for a 2nd degree tear.

    How old are your babies now? 
    5.5 months 🙂

    What have been your most challenging parental experiences? 
    Him having his days and nights mixed up, he’d be awake until 6am, and I wasn’t getting any sleep during the day when he was napping.  Then colic, that was really hard work, and more recently, teething.  It’s just so hard to do any housework or tidying when you have a small baby, especially when they’re teething as for me, the only time he’s happy is when he’s with me.

    Do you have any advice for new parents? 
    Babies love routine, as soon as you feel they’re old enough, try to get a routine going as it helps them and you.  Also, I think it helps that the last feed of the night before putting them to bed is done in the dark and quiet, if you do this every night they learn that this means bed time 🙂

    What are your best baby buys? 
    The Poddle Pod was a lifesaver, he slept so well in it.  More recently the Jumperoo has been amazing too, he spends a lot of time in it and loves bouncing!  If your baby is bottle fed, the tommee tippee bottle warmer is £17 very well spent.  Oh, and the Fisher Price Rainforest friends play gym is great too, he loves it 🙂

    Do you plan on having any more children?
    Yep, we have to move for baby #2 though as there’s just not the room in this house, but we’d like one more (I could even be persuaded for 3) 🙂
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