Birth Story Feature #1 My birth story

    This is a new feature I will be running. 

    As a first time pregnant mum back in 2012 I couldn’t read enough about other peoples birth stories so I thought why not do a feature on my blog where you can get involved and tell other expectant parents your birth story. 
    To start off this feature here is my own birth story. 

    How old were you when you had your baby/babies?

    25 then 27

    How many weeks were you when you found out you were expecting?
    As far as I can recall I was about 4 weeks pregnant on both my pregnancies when we found out. 
    We used a clear blue pregnancy test which actually tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. 

    How did your anomoly scan go?
    On our first pregnancy we kind of just assumed everything would be ok. 
    We didn’t think we’d be one of those people you hear about were they found a problem at the scan. But we were. We were told our little baby girl had a duplex kidney. We had no idea what this was we’d never heard of it before and we were terrified!
    Lots if scans later and after our daughter was born she was put straight on antibiotics to prevent urine infections and she had numerous invasive tests to check the size and function of her kidney and were told she would need an operation to prevent her from becoming poorly as she was prone to urine infections. She has now successfully had her operation and we’re waiting for her follow up appointment. 
    My sons scan was also bad news, he too had a suspected duplex kidney. We couldn’t even contemplate going through all of the tests, scans and operation again with our second baby, we were heartbroken! Luckily a follow up scan showed he actually has a horseshoe kidney which is one large kidney where the two haven’t split, thankfully he won’t need any treatment but does have some scans just to check its all still okay. 

    Did you find out the sex of your baby?
    Yes! I couldn’t wait to find out!
    Our first pregnancy we found out we were expecting a girl I was overjoyed as secretly I’d always wanted a little girl, my own little doll I could look after and love and dress up!
    Our second pregnancy we found out we were expecting a boy! We couldn’t have been any happier! Now our family would be complete!

    Was your baby born on its due date?
    My daughter was born on a Monday 10 days after her due date weighing 6lb14
    My son was born on a Monday 10 days early weighing 6lb14 he was also born with a veil over his face which many believe to be a sign of luck!

    Did you stick to you birth plan? (If you had one)
    Far from it! With my daughter I planned a natural water birth with no pain relief.  

    What pain relief if any did you have?
    I had everything with my daughter! Pethidine, gas and air and an epidural. 
    With my son I had the same but skipped the pethidine as it made me feel sick. 

    How was your labour?
    You can read about my daughters labour in my previous blog posts;
    My sons labour was much different to my daughters. A few days before he arrived I had really bad back ache and thought I was in labour early hours of the morning but the pain soon went. The next day then I had diarreah. And eventually while we were out shopping a few days later I suddenly felt strange not quite right dull achy pain in my tummy and back. We headed home and my contractions had started. We left for the hospital straight away and I was surprised to find I was already fully dilated. In a calm environment five hours later and ten days early my son was born and placed straight on to my chest and my husband cut his cord which he hadn’t been able to do with my daughter as she was whisked straight off to the baby trolley to be checked. 
    Two days later then we brought him home to meet his big sister. 
    How old are your babies now?
    My daughter is nearly two and a half and my son will be 1 on Tuesday. 

    What have been your most challenging parental experiences?
    Definitely having to spend a whole week in hospital while my daughter was having her operation. 
    It was incredibly hard leaving my son with his grandparents at such a young age and for a long time. But we have incredibly supportive family who helped us through it. 

    Do you have any advice for new parents?
    Don’t listen to horror stories and other peoples pushed upon you advice. 
    You learn as you go along and only you know what’s best for your baby. 

    What are your best baby buys?
    Definitely baby camera monitors. 
    Do you plan on having any more children?
    We’d love too but we have decided not to as we would be too worried about future children also having kidney problems. 
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