Beginners luck?

I don’t necessarily consider myself a particularly lucky person in terms of winning competitions or money but I do feel like I have been lucky in life.

I have met and married my soul mate, bought our family home together and we have a beautiful son and daughter together. 
In the last year though my luck has changed and I have actually had a bit of a lucky streak. I remember in one week I think I won one two competitions or it might have even been three. Then I bought a scratch card and had £40 and a few months later another scratch card led to a £60 win. 
The year before that I had been playing in an online casino for the first time and to my disbelief ended up winning around £250! I remember quickly withdrawing it into my bank account just incase it was a mistake!
My friend invited me to join her at the bingo hall where she worked for a game of bingo and again this was the first time I’d played bingo and low and behold we won! It was around £80 which we split between us. 
Since then I definitely believe in beginners luck! Il have a go of anything once and try my luck. You never know what you might end up winning!
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