#BeatPlasticPollution For #WorldEnvironmentDay

World Environment Day is on 5th June and this year the topic is plastic pollution. We’ve all seen this shocking image which has been shared almost everywhere lately. We are the only ones who can prevent this from happening by going plastic free. I was tagged in this post by the lovely Katie at Living Our Way.


How To Play

The major issue of plastic pollution has been gaining much awareness lately, thanks to the numerous documentaries and high profile campaigns. As we wake up to the level of destruction to our planet caused by single-use plastics, people are increasingly switching to reusables. Hooray! Join us in tis glorious global game of tag by sharing photos of your reusables to help #beatplasticpollution. Lets play!

The Rules
All games have rules. These ones are very simple…
1.  Take a photo of between 1-3 reusable items that you personally have switched to, in order to help tackle plastic pollution.
2. Caption your photo with a short message to raise awareness.
3. Also include your top tip for beating plastic pollution.
4. Share your photo and caption, along with your top tip, tagging at least three other people.
5. Please also link back to me in your blog post and tag me on social media, thank you!
Twitter: @katie4_16
That’s it, just 5 easy steps!
Oh, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution and #WorldEnvironmentDay in your posts too!
My Photo
So I have replaced my usual carrier bag with a reusable lunch bag. Not only is this saving in plastic but also on money. I also have a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water or pop. Lastly I switched to a bamboo toothbrush, long term this is more sustainable and eco friendly.
My Top Tip
As they say our children are the future so why not teach them good habits now, get them reusable water bottles and teach them the importance of recycling.
Tag You’re It!
I’m tagging the following lovely bloggers to take part…
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