Coping With Back to School Blues

back to school

The long summer break is finally coming to a close, meaning lots of children are probably starting to experience the ‘back to school blues’. This is completely natural and it’s important for parents to be as understanding as possible and help to cheer their child up as much as possible. Here are some helpful tips from a prep school in London, not only to encourage you to cheer your child up but also to help you all get back into the swing of things.

Don’t Stop Having Fun

A lot of the time, children and their parents suffer with ‘back to school blues’ because they think it means all the fun they’ve been having over the summer is coming to an end. Make sure this doesn’t happen, by continuing to spend quality time together during evenings and weekends.

holiday blues


Re-Introduce the Routine Early

Try and ease your kids back into the school routine so that it doesn’t come as a shock to them when they have to getting up early again. You can do this by encouraging earlier bed times for the last few days of the holidays so that they’re not too tired in the mornings, and don’t let them have lie-ins.

Get Everything Ready

Prepare a checklist to ensure your kids have everything they need before they go back to school. This includes all their uniform items and stationery. There are lots of template checklists online that you can use if you’re stuck. After all, organisation is of the utmost importance.

back to school

Provide Your Child with Reassurance

Make sure to ask your kids if they have any concerns about going back to school and help them work through any issues they bring up. For example, they might inform you that they are worried about a bully, in which case you can intervene and speak to the school to try and resolve the issue. Essentially, you need to do your best to provide reassurance for your child and assure them that the upcoming term is going to be fine!

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