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Once again we found ourselves in the waiting room of the ante natal department.. And once again it is to check up on those pesky duplex kidneys! As previously stated in many of my blog posts, duplex kidneys are something of a common discussion topic in my household.

At my 20 week…

…scan with my daughter it was discovered that she has a left duplex kidney. This also happens to be obstructed. She has been on anti biotics Trimethoprim since birth. This is to prevent infection. Her dosage has to be increased regularly as she gains weight. This means a lot of doctor surgery and hospital appointments. She is due to have an operation this year to hopefully resolve any problems the duplex kidney may cause her in future.

We have been told that if she is ever to become unwell, the first thing that should be checked is whether she has a urine infection as with her duplex kidney this would make her a very poorly baby. Therefore we have to keep an eye out for any signs of urinary tract infections such as high temperature above 38 degrees celsius, vomiting, lack of energy, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and unpleasant smelling urine. Its safe to say we have had our fair share of scares as well! I suppose it is much better to be safe than sorry though.

This time though, we are sat here for an appointment for my little boy (due in 10 weeks). Previous scans have shown that he to has a duplex kidney. Luckily though this scan shows no obstruction. Therefore he won’t need to have any medications or operations. He should be able to live a normal happy healthy life, much like his sister will after her operation.

The doctor were saw previously enquired as to whether duplex kidneys are common occurrences in mine or my partners family history. We both had the same response, no. in fact neither of us had heard of duplex kidneys until we became pregnant with our first baby. The doctor asked the sonographer to scan me to check if I have duplex kidneys, luckily I haven’t. They were unfortunately unable to scan my partner.

What is it?

Just to update any one who hasn’t seen my previous posts. Duplex Kidney is quite simply having a double kidney. Sometimes people diagnosed can boast that they have 3 kidneys. The double section is usually limited in its function. However, and can cause urine to sit and collect in the kidney causing it to become stagnant which can lead to infection and make you very poorly.

If you have a duplex kidney we would love to hear your story or if your child has been diagnosed ante natally or after birth please feel free to get in touch.

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