Baby Blues or something more sinister…

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About six or so months after my sons birth something in me changed.

I become unhappy, aggressive, defensive, irratable, I was always tired and never had any energy. My body ached and I gained a lot of weight.

Deep down I thought I had post natal depression. My whole family was suffering because of the way I was feeling! My husband has always been very supportive even at the times when I would push him away. He told me he thought I should go to the doctor. It might help to talk to someone new who may be able to help me.

So I made a doctors appointment and in front of the doctor I just started crying. I felt as though I had an emotional timebomb trapped inside me and I could finally let it go.

I remember sitting there telling the doctor I felt angry and unhappy and worn out. What’s wrong with me?! I haven’t long had a baby I should be happy and enjoying time spent bonding with my new baby but I just wasn’t.

The doctor suggested running some blood tests just to check there wasn’t anything going on before she made her decision.

A few days later my doctor called me in.

As soon I walked through the door she said “well, no wonder you felt awful!”
Turns out my thyroid levels where the worst she’d ever seen, she diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism or under active thyroid as it’s also known as. I was also diagnosed with iron deficiency aneamia.

Iv heard of under-active thyroid before but I hadnt a clue what it was so therefore was very shocked when the doctor advised me I would be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life!

I would also need regular blood tests, these were every three months and to check my thyroid levels to ensure I was on the right dose, they started me off at 100mg but upped them to 125mg which is looking like my correct dose.

For now though I am feeling a lot better since Iv started taking my medication (levothyroxine) and iron tablets for the aneamia.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Blues or something more sinister…

  1. Goodness me, you poor thing – so glad you went to the doctor and got it diagnosed! I hope you can get the right treatment and be back to your normal self so you can enjoy being a mum again x

  2. Good for you for getting to the bottom of it. Thyroid issues are such an underestimated cause in so many women post delivery. I don't know why there isn't more promotion of the topic and why Doctors don't test for it regularly.


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