Aquabeads Finding Dory: Review

    My daughter loves anything crafty and so when we were went the Aquabeads Finding Dory playset I just knew she would love it.

    Aquabeads Finding Dory Playset

    Aquabeads area a fun and safe product for children to enjoy hours of creative fun! Aquabeads is perfect for children aged 4 years and up. They are unique beads that bind together with water.

    Attractively presented, this set includes a handy storage box to keep all the beads in, as well compartments to keep each colour in, a water spray and a pen that can be used to easily pick up the beads and place them where you want them.

    Also included in the set are the picture cards of the different characters as well as the plastic holders to keep them in place. You can create your very own Dory, Nemo, Marlin or Hank.

    Straight away my daughter wanted to start making Dory.

    Although we had the pen to pick the beads up with, my daughter found it easier to just pick them up with her hands and place them on the picture. My daughter was confident enough to complete the pictures herself as well as setting them with the water spray, this really doesn’t need a lot of help from an adult.

    Aquabeads are really great for helping with colour recognition and matching the correct colour beads to there pair on the picture.

    Although it can be a little tricky once you have lots of beads on the board to get them in the right place and to prevent accidently knocking them off, my daughter definitely enjoyed playing with this set, and the finished result is actually rather lovely.

    I was quite surprised by how well they actually stick together and even after a couple of weeks there is no sign that it will fall apart.

    My daughter even loved creating her own patterns to follow as well.

    This really would make a great Christmas present!

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