Aquabeads Animal Playset Review

The Aquabeads animal friends set is a great addition to your collection and retails at £4.99
In this set you can create a whole host of wonderful little characters including; turtle, horse, frog, chicken, duck and more. 

This set comes with over 600 different colour solid beads which I think is an absolute bargain for the price! 

With this set you also get the smaller plates to create your design on with your chosen picture that can be slotted onto the back.

As with all Aquabeads it can be a bit fiddly getting the correct colour beads in their places but with time it does get easier getting the hang of it, and before you know it we had already made four cute little creations.

I find that the more water you use the better they stick together and we usually leave them overnight to set, I turn them over half way through so they unstick from the board and this allows the other side to dry nicely too.  

Once they are dried they stay together pretty strong, and my daughter loves using her imagination to create littles scenes and storylines with each character. 

I always find Aquabeads engage my children’s attention for a good while, and they really do concentrate so hard on getting their creations just the way they want them. They are a great boredom buster toy and can be brought pretty much anyway with you for on the go activities whilst on holiday for an example or a trip relatives or friends house. We also recently attended a birthday party and they included the individual sets in the party bags which I though was such a great idea!

Aquabeads are great fun for all the family and I even find myself sitting there finishing my own masterpieces long after the children have wandered off, there’s something quite therapeutic and calming about them.

You can find Aquabeads at a vast range of retailers including Amazon, Toys R Us and most supermarkets.

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