Mental Health & Anxiety; Is it really OKAY not to be OKAY?

Mental Health & Anxiety. It’s okay to not be okay.
Most of us have probably heard this saying, but what does it mean?

It’s means that it’s ok if you;
Freak out over forgotten plans
Crumble at social events
Shout at your children

These are just examples. We have all felt like this at some point in our lives. But when is it not okay to not be okay?

This term to me groups all of these situations into a group I like to call ‘rational fears’. I say this because they are for the most part rational as everyone worries about certain things in their lives from time to time. But what if these minor situations suddenly become irrational and result in you spending hours worrying about them?

Is it okay to not be okay then? Do you just think to yourself ‘well I’m not okay but it’s okay’? Can you, or are you able to then put it to the back of your mind and carry on with daily tasks. Or does it all but consume you?, preventing you from logical thinking and the ability to truly concentrate on what it is that you’re supposed to be doing?


Anxiety is for some parts the fear of the irrational. You know you are being irrational, you know it doesn’t make sense but you don’t know why you keep thinking what you think, and doing what you do.

You go to the doctors. They have a strict ten minute appointment. You try to remember everything you want to tell them, how you’re feeling, what you think about. Then your time is up and you find yourself leaving, prescription in hand. Anti-depressants most probably. Did you resolve your anxiety? Are you now cured? Did the doctor prescribe you a miracle tablet?

No. So why is it that all these brands, social influencers and companies put so much thought, money, time and effort into creating, a slogan?

Surely it would be better to actually take the time. Take the time to understand and see what is going on in someone’s life. Comfort them, reassure them they’re not alone. They needn’t be embarrassed about it. There is still a stigma however, people say ‘Get a grip’, ‘stop over reacting, it’s nothing’.

To you it may be nothing, but to the person going round and round in their heads it certainly isn’t nothing. It’s soul destroying. It can eat away at your life, then your family and friends lives.

We need to talk. A ten minute appointment may well actually help a lot of people, but for the vast majority of people it’s not enough. Take the time to ask that family member who you rarely see or speak to how they are. Look for anything that just seems out of character. All we can do is our best to support them however they need to be supported.

Look at alternative methods; online therapy, meet up groups, counselling. We need to think outside the box and push mental health into the front of the crowds.

If you just want someone to talk to, then reach out. Even I will talk to you if it helps, if you feel you can’t talk to anyone else please feel free to contact me. And why not just set your Facebook status to let your friends know you’re there if they need you, open shout out to anyone who just needs a get things off their chest. Let’s be there for each other. We are all human. Class, race, religion regardless of any of these let’s just be human and talk

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