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Amdani Fitertainment Park Cardiff

Ah the six weeks school holidays are here, and how do we keep the little ones boredom free!

Luckily I have done my research well in advance and have booked them onto a number of days out and activities including theatre shows,
craft workshops, cookery classes and the usual soft play!
I am always looking for something to do or somewhere to go with them, we are a pretty outdoorsy family and rarely spend days in the house.
If it’s a rainy day we’ll be in the museum, soft play, visiting friends or
family. My sister actually introduced me to this new place. I have never heard of them before and didn’t even know that they existed! Which is pretty surprising for someone who has a list of child friendly places up on their kitchen wall ready for a day out!
The Amdani Fitertainment Park is located in the Ely Distribution Centre in Ely, Cardiff. It is home to a Ninja Obstacle Course. My sister had told me of their summer spectacular special offer they were running which was £5 per child.

Amdani Fiterntainment

The Park is a ninja obstacle course which has actually won
an award of Best New Business 2018 by Cardiff Life Magazine. Their mission is “to be the first fitness entertainment park that can and will unlock the fitness potential in anyone, any age, and make a fitter lifestyle fun and entertaining for the whole family.”
At Amdani Fitertainment Park you can test your SKILLS on their interchangeable obstacle course and aim to become the next NINJA warrior, CHALLENGE your mates to ESCAPE the Laser Maze, or simply CELEBRATE your birthday with the best party in town! They have put the fun back into fitness and created an adrenaline driven playground
for adults, teens and children.
I have to be honest I was unsure whether it would actually be suitable for my 4 and 5 year old as looking on the website and Facebook page there isn’t a great amount of photos of the actual obstacles. Even driving down there I was still unsure of it. It does say any 7s need to be supervised by an adult also. But I had absolutely nothing to worry about. After Jess gave the safety and introductions talk we headed into the park first going down a steep slide! I wasn’t prepared for this haha but I did it! Come on, I had to show my kids that I was brave too! Although I did dodge the foam pit!
Jess is lovely and explained that you don’t have to do all of the obstacles, if there is one you don’t like the look of doing you can simply go around it, and you can go on any obstacle as often as you like you don’t have to stick to going around the course over and over which is great. My kids really did enjoy the course, they especially loved climbing the net and jumping into the foam pit they went round and round a few times to do this. They loved
the rope jump, slides, seesaw, tunnels. I honestly can’t’ list them all as there are so many!
Although I did struggle to keep up with my excited children it is definitely a fantastic place to go and get a work out at the same time!
My son did have a little bit of an accident when he slipped through one of the obstacles but this was down to him going round in circles and getting dizzy as well as being excitable, Jess was great and gave him an ice pack for his head and offered them access to the laser maze (which is an additional cost usually).
Overall I still can’t believe I wasn’t aware of Amdani Fitertainment Park, it is so close to my home as well. We had a fantastic time and I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age, from age 4 plus and we will definitely be back in the near future!

Check out my video below to see all the fun we had!

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