All The Jobs Iv Had

    When I was in school I always knew what I wanted to be when I was older. And I made sure that I took the courses and got the grades that I needed to achieve my goal.
    When I was 18 years old I landed my dream job. I was an Air Hostess! It was amazing and I loved every aspect of the job. And as a lot of people say its not anywhere near as glamourous as some make it out to be.
    Yea sure I would travel to some amazing places, Canary Islands, Greece, Egypt, but I never stepped foot off the plane! It was there and back all in one shift, one very long sweaty, hot, achy feet 14 hour shift trapped in a long tin can with 180 strangers! But regardless of all of that I loved it!
    Then 6 months into my dream job the airline announced that they were ceasing their operations and would no longer be based at the airport we worked.
    I was beyond gutted and so my high flying career I had always wanted, simply disappeared!
    So I went back to do the part time job that I had whilst I was in school. I cleaned rooms at a local hotel. Its not as bad as it sounds though and I actually did enjoy it, it was a job where everybody I worked with were friendly and happy but it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

    My next job I applied for was at a local tourist information centre, it was locally nicknamed as “the tube” as it was a purpose built centre in the shape of a tube, or toilet roll or telescope I think it was actually going for, with panoramic views over the Bay. I would offer information to visitors on local events and attractions even book hotels for them.
    In between my jobs I wanted to earn a bit of extra cash so I got an extra job. I become a children’s party entertainer! I dressed up as Hello Kitty, I had a big heavy Hello Kitty head and big shoes and a puffy dress to wear. I would go along to peoples houses or to play centres and play pass the parcel or sing and dance! However, I wasn’t cut out for it and soon left.
    I have also worked as a shop assistant in a local fashion store, working on the changing rooms and tills.
    I had a very brief stint in a café at a local go karting centre.
    I have been a Care Worker also, I loved this job too. It was very rewarding, and I loved meeting people from all different backgrounds especially one lady of mine of Caribbean heritage would use to tell me stories of how she worked on a banana farm! I enjoyed all aspects of the job and it is something that I have long considered returning to do. Unfortunately this would be with a different company though as I left due to some bad practices that I didn’t want to be a part of which is all too common.
    And now at this present day I am a part time receptionist I have been in this job for around 8 years now I believe, and I think im pretty set in my ways here now. Although I have also recently gained another part time job as a care assistant at a local hospital and am very much looking forward to starting!
    Have you been successful in obtaining your dream job? I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment
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    6 thoughts on “All The Jobs Iv Had

    1. Wow, love the variety! I've worked in a restaurant, colostomy care, as a travel agent and 10 years in special needs education before now being a freelance copywriter 😊 Good luck with your new job xx

    2. Wow, what an interesting and varied Cv you have! Well done for following your dreams, it's always a shame when they are cut short. I always wanted to be a journalist (like lois lane). In school and college I worked in a tea room and then in retail. After uni I became an editorial assistant for a cardmaking magazine, worked my way up to Editor. Loved it. Then had a baby and am now floundering a bit. I can't go back to what I was doing because it's not flexible enough. Who knows what I'll end up doing in the future!

    3. I always wanted to be a nurse and have lots of children. I worked a few jobs in one hospital but never as a nurse. But I did have lots of children (4) that I nurse, teach, and love. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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