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    This meme was created by Gina at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies. Gina created this meme after her daughter arrived home from school with an ‘All about me’ booklet. When I was in school we didn’t have these but apparently they ask lots of questions which you and your child have to answer, then return to the school where it goes into their file. 

    Gina decided to create this meme for parents to find out a little bit more about us. 

    I was tagged by my very own twin sister Emily who blogs at Twin Mummy and Daddy

    1. First off tell us your name…

    My name is Katie, I’m 26 years old, I work part time as a receptionist and a blogger.

    2. I live at home with…

    My “lobster” fiancĂ© Robert

    We met at college in 2011, and have been together ever since. We bought our first house together this year and we are due to marry next year.

    I also live with my beautiful daughter who has recently just turned 1. 

    She is a little wild thing with a big heart. Even though she has been through a lot medically and is due for surgery on her kidney next year she is always bright and bubbly, the happiest, smiliest girl you’d ever meet. 

    And finally this little bean calls me home

    3. My favourite thing to do is…

    Spend days out with my family. We absolutely love being outdoors and exploring new places. We can’t wait to show our children the world!

    4. My favourite thing to eat is…

    Chinese! I love Chinese food. If I could I think I’d eat it every day. Sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice and some spring rolls…delicious!

    5. When I get cross I…

    Go all quiet and like to be left alone 

    6. Sometimes I worry because…

    We cannot afford all the nice things in life. We live within our means and do the best we can. 

    7. My favourite book is…

    There are so many! But I think I’ll have to say Atonement by Ian McEwan

    8. My favourite toy is…

    My gadgets! I couldn’t live without my mobile phone. I can facebook, tweet, blog, capture beautiful photos and connect with all my friends and family. 

    9. I dislike…

    People who think they know everything and think they know what’s best. 
    You have your opinions and I have mine. Let’s just agree to disagree,

    10. When I grow up I want to be…

    An aeroplane! … Oh, no, not anymore. I’m an adult now! Seriously though I do hope to be able to return to college to finish my studying to be a nurse. I love looking after people and sharing stories. 

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