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Here I will share our tips for moving house. The new year is well and truly here, Christmas, my birthday and my husband’s birthdays have already past! Yes we both have January birthdays one day after the other. While I don’t normally set myself new year’s resolutions. I have set ourselves a target which will help us to prepare for when we move house. As we all know moving house can be a stressful time which is why we’re starting very early!

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Top of my list is to declutter my home. We would like to move home and ideally we’re aiming for this to be in about 4-5 years’ time. Therefore we have plenty of time to prepare and sort out our belongings. I wouldn’t necessarily say that we have a lot of “stuff” but we do accumulate mostly toys and clothing! We cleared out all the pointless knickknacks back last year. It made a difference not only to our home but also to our happiness. We have therefore realised that minimalism is the way forward.

If we have cupboards we are going to use them. This results in us putting things away out of sight “for the time being” and ultimately forgetting about them until we decide to have a clear out.

Open Wardrobe System

One of the ideas that I would like to opt for is the open wardrobe system. Instead of having a wardrobe we would have a storage unit much
like the Ikea box units. This would be shared between myself and my husband and each box would be used for specific items; t-shirts, jeans etc. and then we would have a rail attached to this for dresses/shirts etc. Being open and on show would certainly make us more aware of keeping things neat, tidy and minimal.

open wardrobe

I feel this would be a much easier way forward when it comes
to boxing up our belongings. We would have no heavy wardrobes to dismantle and move. Having moved several times we are well aware of the cost of moving house.

Removal Companies

It can all add up and as removal companies charge for the more boxes you have it will encourage us to be more mindful of the number of items we have. As we both work full time we don’t really ever have a full day to ourselves child free where we would have the opportunity to be able to have a good clear out. I have instead started doing a little bit every evening and it is surprising how much stuff we have that we don’t use anymore. I cleared out one corner kitchen cupboard and filled two boxes with appliances and pans that we had never really used.

Here are my top tips for moving house.

Clear out

If you haven’t used or even looked at or touched an item in your home for at least a year, think do you really need it? Have an organisational system in place. Three boxes labelled keep, charity and then another box to put items in that you’re not sure of if you want to keep or not. If you don’t touch anything in that box then maybe it is time to get rid.

Add up the costs

Shop around different removal companies to find the one that suits you the most and compare prices to find the cheapest. Instead of buying moving boxes ask in shops as quite often they have trolleys full of them from their deliveries, also ask your friends and colleagues to keep any large boxes for you.

Ask friends

If you have a friend or relative that have recently moved then why not ask them for help and advice and if they run into any problems that they can advise you of for you to be aware of and prepared for. You can also ask them for their recommendations on companies they have used to help them move.removal companies

While we do have a long way to go yet before we are ready to move, I definitely feel that we are the right course in preparing and decluttering early. As they say ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. I hope you enjoyed reading our tips for moving house.

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