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AD Review| Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom

Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom are collectible, everyday objects that have been transformed into Superheroes and Supervillians! The blind bags make great stocking fillers, and the playsets are the perfect gift!

Introducing the Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom Range. We have very kindly been sent the following sets for review;

  • Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom Tower Assault
  • Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom Monster Roller
  • Super Zings Rival of Kaboom Kazoom Lab
  • Blind Bags

Tower Assault

The Tower Assault is a bit of an obstacle course for the Super Zings. Firstly they are catapulted towards the tower and if they hit it in just the right place then the tower gobbles them up!

Super Zings Rivals of Kaboom

See if you can use your skills to aim your Super Herojust right to knock the Super Villain off the top of the tower to free your little Super Zing!

This set comprises two exclusive Super Zing figurines, Tower Assault, catapult and skateboard.

I will be honest the plastic does feel cheap therefore it doesn’t really feel like a good quality product. It is very hard for little ones to aim the skateboard at the right angle to hit the door on the front and even when the Super Zing does hit it, it rarely goes inside the tower, as it bounces off the door.


While this toy is visually appealing I would say it has limited entertainment value as a stand alone toy.

Monster Roller

The Monster Roller is a lot more fun to play with. As it is a car in it’s own right and most kids love zooming cars around! This has the added bonus of coming with another two Super Zing figures.

Super Zings

This car has a secret though. The Monster Roller will swallow up the Super Zings if they’re in it’s path! It is then supposed to eject them from the back of the vehicle however I couldn’t work out how this was done so had to open the door to remove them.

Super Zings Monster Roller

The Monster Roller feels of better quality than the Tower Assault and has more entertainement value.

Kazoom Lab

If you have a child who is a Super Zings fan then I would highly recommend the Kazoom Lab. It has a lot more interactive play features than the previous products.

Superzings Lab

The Kazoom Lab is a full adventure playset. Included again are some funky little figures to use with the set. These are the unique and exclusive Enigma and Professor K figures.

Battle them against each other, who will win? Use the Aeronigma ti steal the Kaboom but watch out, as Professor K has set up traps all over the lab! Dodge his supercanon bullets and watch out for Robok 3000 who also shoots arrows at you.

Super Zings Kazoom Lab

Use the lift to take you up to the included vehicle but step on the booby trap!

rivals of kaboom


Hit and miss really. I suppose it depends on what your child enjoys and how good they are at entertaining themselves as which product you would choose. The blind bags are especially good as it allows you to purchase extra Super Zings seperatly which is great for adding to your collection and increasing the fun of play time.

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