#Ad Going Natural – 5 Green Childcare Products

    Are you a bit of an Earth mother (or eco-friendly father)? Finding baby and toddler products which are green and good quality can feel like a quixotic quest.

    Many high street stores still don’t offer ranges which are ethically sourced.  You could while away hours trawling the net for appropriate products.
    But don’t despair just yet. We’ve saved you the trouble by locking ourselves in a room with nothing to sustain us except a few wheatgrass shots and a quinoa salad, and not emerging until we found five green childcare products to help you go natural.
    Here they are…

    1. Eco Pram

    If you want to pram parade around your local park with a product that doesn’t damage the planet, buying an Eco Pram from green
    brand Naturkind
    is your best bet — check their website to find dealerships across the UK and Europe.
    Naturkind prams and strollers are made from products like coco, cork, wood, 100 per cent organic sheep’s wool and 100 per cent organic cotton for all cover fabrics, so you can be confident they’re all-natural.

    2. Natural mattress

    New parents should be under no illusions of getting their recommended 8 hours sleep once their bundle of joy arrives.
    But one thing which might help babies sleep better is a natural mattress free from toxins and made from materials like hypo-allergenic wool.
    If you’re in the market, The Little Green Sheep online store has an excellent selection. They offer organic mattresses for cribs, cots and children’s beds — you’re sure to find one that fits.

    3. Vegan kid’s shoes

    Once your little one finds their feet, there will be no stopping them — but they’ll need to be shod in shoes that are supportive, comfortable and ideally, eco-friendly.
    And luckily, shoe gurus Pediped provide a range of classic kids footwear that fits the bill brilliantly. Classic styles like Grip n Go and Flex are 100 per cent vegan — so your child can take their first footsteps in a manner that chimes with your conscience.
    vegan shoes

    4. Organic children’s clothes

    It’s a no-brainer that baby clothes should be comfortable, washable and kind to their skin. But if they’re kind to the planet too, we’ve already got our purses out.
    Clothing brand Mori meets all the above requirements, with a range of cool clothes for babies and toddlers which use sustainably sourced materials, are manufactured in factories with good working conditions and have minimal packaging. Check out their website for more details.

    5. Natural shampoo

    Keeping a child clean amidst countless nappy changes is a challenge — and any products you use must be gentle yet effective.
    So if you haven’t come across it yet, one outstanding product is Earth’s Best shampoo and bodywash from organic superstore Kijani Living — it’s lavender scented, tear-free, 100 per cent vegetarian and contains no parabens or preservatives.
    That’s our list! But please share your own green childcare products in the comments
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