#Ad Fresh start — 5 home hygiene tips for 2019

Early New Year seems like a natural time to clear the cobwebs and refresh your home cleaning regime.

And if you’re feeling a little flat after the festive season, making home life feel more manageable is marvellous.

While any busy home with kids, pets and active adults is never going to be pristine clean, there are always a few new tips worth taking on board that save time, money and stress.

So if you’re yearning for a fresh start, here are five home hygiene tips for 2019.

1. Nappy bin

If you’re dealing with your first new-born baby, you might be surprised at the mountain of nappies such a small human manages to produce.
And if your main rubbish bin is located downstairs or at the other end of the house, it feels like a trek to ditch of them in the wee small hours.
So an Angelcare nappy bin from family household brand Ocado might
become your new best friend — it features a handy push and lock system for simple disposal, patented odour seal that prevents unpleasant smells and is child’s play to empty and refill.

angel care nappy bin

2. Nappy Bags

If the Angelcare bin doesn’t float your boat, you might stick to bagging each nappy individually.
But if you want this process to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, be careful which disposable bags you choose.
Biodegradable nappy sacks from Beaming Baby are easy to order online, are completely compostable and pop out their bag promptly when you need them most — what more could you ask for?

3. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a Godsend in hectic homes where footfall is frantic and germs spread easily.
And if you’re looking for a product that’s kind to the planet as well as your paws, the moisturising sanitizer from popular organic brand Bentley is an excellent pick.
It kills 99.9 per cent of germs, has a non-drying formula and contains clean ingredients like aloe, bitter orange and leaf juice powder — great to have handy when you’re handling food and kids.
hand sanitiser

4. Vacuum cleaner

If you’ve had your fingers burned and floors left filthy by flashy vacuum cleaners that don’t deliver what’s promised by their marketing campaigns, you might be cautious about splashing out on this particular household product.
But luckily, Which? Has rated the top five vacuums for 2019 based on useful criteria like cleaning power, quietness and suitability for pet owners.
Take a look at the Which? website for their ratings and recommendations before you hit the high street.

5. Door mat

A new door mat might not seem like the most exciting purchase to ring in the New Year with — but there are several reasons it’s money well spent.
At high-performance product from entrance mat specialists Kleen-Tex doesn’t just look great, it’s also designed to trap dirt and debris before it enters your home and is durable enough to last for years.
Choose a welcoming colour and place your mat prominently inside your front door — then there’s no way mucky feet can avoid it.
That’s our list! Share your own home hygiene tips in the comments section.
This is a collaborative post.
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