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AD| Bunch O Balloons Party Range by Zuru

It’s party time! Zuru Bunch O Balloons have sent us a fantastic party bundle to make my daughters 7thbirthday party truly awesome!

Bunch O Balloons Party

Inside this beautiful package we were sent;

Zuru Toys

Having previously held most of our children’s parties in village halls we are well aware of hard it is trying to get everything organised. From the party food to blowing up countless balloons. This is where Zuru Bunch O Balloons have taken all the hard work out of party prepping. Zuru now has everything needed for birthday parties. The self-sealing party balloons are incredible! Using the party pump you can blow up to 40 balloons up in less than a minute!

Bunch O Balloons Self Sealing Party Balloons and Pump

Bunch O Balloons

Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Balloons and Party Pump

The party pump is so easy to use. The balloons are all attached together and you simply push them into the top of the pump, plug the pump into the mains, push the button and leave it to do all the hard work for you in just 40 seconds! Once done simply remove the balloons, they are self-sealing, so need to go tying them all up. Then simple separate them from each other and you’re all done! The balloons come in a range of lovely colour, such as pink, gold, blue and more and all have decorative ribbons on them. I blew the first set up 4 days ago and they haven’t gone down at all! I was also very happy with the size of the balloons. Previous balloons I have bought at the supermarket don’t blow up anywhere nearer as big as the Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Balloons, with some only blowing up to the size of a small ball!

Pets Alive Unicorn

Zuru Unicorn

Pets Alive Magical Unicorn

For the birthday girl we have the beautiful Zuru Pets Alive Magical Unicorn named Coral. She is very pretty and has a range of great features. These include holding the star button down on her leg and she will repeat whatever you say, stroke her nose and she will respond, raise her leg and hear her musical tunes, if you blow her a kiss she will blow one back. My favourite feature is when you lay the Coral down she will close her eyes to sleep and she makes adorable snoring noises! This is also my daughters favourite feature! The Zuru Pets Alive Magical Unicorn has over 20 magical sounds and songs and she even comes with her own little carrot for her to feast on and hear her eat as well as a brush to brush her mane and tail. What’s more she even comes with her own stable! There are three to collect; Coral, Twilight an Silvermoon.

Surprise Unicorn Egg

Unicorn Squad Surprise Eggs

The Unicorn Surprise Eggs are great for filling party bags. The party bag fillers we have bought in the past have in all honesty been cheap little toys, although we do usually include a little notepad and crayon, they’re things that can easily be lost. The Surprise eggs are collectible and loveable. There are 13 to collect including the rare gold unicorn! Inside each egg you can find your unicorn as well as various accessories each personal to its own unicorn. Including matching comb, outfit and unicorn poop! The unicorns are sassy squad members, from ballerinas to bubble gum babes. The unicorns have moveable limbs and the unicorn poop is not like slime at all which is fab! It is very soft to touch and has a lovely scent to it. My daughter loves stretching it to see how far it goes!

Surprise Unicorn


10/10 The Zuru range makes party planning super simple. The self-sealing balloons and pump saves you a huge amount of time, the surprise eggs are a fantastic party bag or pass the parcel gift that all the friends will love to play and collect together. The Pets Alive Magical Unicorn truly is magical and beautiful and makes for a fantastic birthday present. I cannot express how much we love the Zuru and Bunch O Balloons range, as well as being fantastic value for money.

All of the Zuru range is available to buy at Smyths nationwide. The great thing about their products is that they’re reusable and recyclable too.

Bunch O Balloons Party Pump including 16 balloons and one inflatable adaptor and fast fill hose retails at just £14.99

Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing refill pack retails at £9.99

Zuru Pets Alive Magical Unicorn retails at £19.99

The Surprise Unicorn eggs retail at £3 each.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the products mentioned above in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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