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I remember when I passed my driving test I was very excited to go out and choose my very own first car! I went to the dealership and bought it brand new, a little Renault Clio. I loved it. I had this car up until the point when we decided to start a family, then we realised we would need a bigger car.

However we could no longer afford to buy new so we set our sights on a second hand family car. We chose another Renault, having experience with Renaults we were sure we wouldn’t be wrong.

After picking the car up all seemed fine until I drove it to work and then it wouldn’t start. I called the dealership up who in all fairness were very helpful. They came out to me and fitted the car with a new battery. Problem solved, or so I thought. The week after this again the car wouldn’t start however this time it was deemed a right off. I sold the car to be scrapped but I didn’t contact the dealer to make a complaint. Therefore it is also very important to know your rights! When you buy a second hand car you have the right to expect it to be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. If it turns out not to be you can return the car within the first 6 months where the dealer should offer partial refund to repair or replace it.

second hand car

From then on I have definitely been more aware of what to look for when buying a second hand car. Below you will find our best tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying a second hand car.

Research how long the car has been on market.

The longer the car has been sitting in a lot, the more motivated the dealer will be to sell it quickly. There could be a variety of reasons as to why the car hasn’t yet sold. These could include the listing price being more than the car is worth, there could be an underlying problem with the car or poor spec.

second hand car guide

Choose a reliable, trustworthy dealer to avoid post-sale problems

The easiest way to find a reliable dealer is by searching online for reviews beforehand. In this day and age there is a review site for everything. And if the dealership isn’t listed or has no reviews, there is no way for you to know whether they’re reliable or not. Another good way is by asking friends and family. More often than not if they have had a good experience somewhere they will be happy to share their reasons for this. It may be advertised for more money than it is actually worth, there may be something wrong with it which another potential buyer found out, it could have a poor spec.

Looking for dents, scratches and other points to negotiate on

This might seem an obvious one, but it is one that some people still don’t think to do before they buy a car. By just talking a walk around the car you should be able to notice any damage or possible repairs that may have been made to the car due to previous accidents for example. These are all worth speaking to the dealer about to find out more information if they have it on how it was damaged and it may well help to negotiate a better price.

Have a mechanic check the car over

More and more people are now bringing mechanics with them to inspect the cars over before they hand any cash over. This is exactly what we did when we bought our other second hand and he reported nothing mechanically wrong with it. A lot of breakdown companies now also offer this service. A quick search online and I found prices varying from £60 for a basic inspection up to £200+ for an advanced inspection. Although not cheap, it would save you money if it turned out there was a problem with the car.

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Choose the right car for your needs

Consider what you want when buying a second hand car. What is your purpose of your purchase? Are you looking for a cheap run around or a car that you can rely on to take you across the country for work purposes for example. Do you require a car with a large boot or a bigger engine if you need it for towing etc. Make a list of what you need and want including running costs and then how much you’re willing to pay for those features.

Get an online valuation

Simply search for ‘car valuation’ online. You will normally only need to enter the registration plate, and approximate mileage and you will be given information a simple valuation you can use to guide the sale price.

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