A Relaxed Half Term!

Over this past half term I have been determined to spend more time outdoors with the children. We do actually go out quite a lot already but since both my children have now learned to ride their bikes without the stabilisers it got me thinking about days out.

bike ride

Most weekends you can find us down the park or over my sister’s house enjoying their garden. However most school holidays I struggle with what to do with the kids. So much so that for the six week holidays last year I may have gone a bit OCD on activities. I actually had a calendar printed off which I hung up on our kitchen wall.

OCD Mummy

I meticulously planned our days out togetheras I didn’t want to the children to get bored or miss out on all the fun. I booked soft plays, cooking classes, ninja courses. As well as marking other days with free places to go as well as paid places; farms, Techniquest for example. On the days when I was in work and my husband was home, I had made a list down the side of the calendar of places he could take the children! As well as activities he could do with them in the house. I don’t think there was a one week with a day not already planned!

Okay so now you all know I am a freak! An organised one at least, this last week really got me thinking. As much as the kids enjoyed our days out it made me realise that they would have had just as much fun just being outside in general. Literally anywhere! I could have saved a pretty penny on entry fees, lunches and gift shops.

Chilled Out Mummy

So that is what I did this half term. No activities booked at all. We simply woke up, had breakfast and went out. I asked the kids what they wanted to do each day. And, each day they replied with the same answer, ‘Go for a walk’. They just wanted the freedom to run around and explore. The first day they wanted to take their bikes over to the car park across the road to ride them around, this was followed by a trip to the park and a walk down to the shop. The next day we headed to a different park on their bikes. Barry Sidings County Park has a bmx track (ok it was way too big for my little ones), but they also had a smaller bike track further along. The kids loved the bike track, although it was quite busy and a bit awkward to use with so many kids trying to ride around it the still had fun. Then guess what we went to the park again.


On my last day off I knew it was forecast rain late morning. So 8am Sunday morning and we were already at the bike track, again. I knew getting there early would pretty much guarantee they’d have the track to themselves, which they did and they spent an hour and half there! After which we headed into the forestry where they enjoyed finding ‘mini beasts’ and literally just running around the trees.

From now on I will take a more relaxed and stress free approach to the school holidays and hopefully discover some new adventured along the way!

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