A Letter To My Children 6.6.2019

It’s always nice to be able to look back at our memories. My mum passed away when I was 18. 18 you may think isn’t an awfully bad age to lose your mum. I mean at least I have some memories of her from when we went on holiday for example. I was an adult and although still young I was able to understand what was going on.

What is the purpose of this post you may wonder. Well I suppose I was reminiscing and it got me thinking that I’d love something personal from my mum, but sadly I don’t.

So this is quite simply a letter to my children…

Dear M and J,

You have both grown up so quickly over the last 5-6 years. You have recently both just learned how to ride your bikes without your stabilisers and now all you both want to do is constantly be out and about riding them. 8am on Sunday morning we were over the bike track before the forecasted rain could start.


J you are very much an on the go little boy. You’re not very good at entertaining yourself. You need mummy or daddy to play with you, or sometimes you will play nice with M, but most times you do like to tease her for your own entertainment. Often resulting in us having to tell you to leave her alone. You love nothing more than being outdoors ALL THE TIME. This isn’t a bad thing though, except when it rains and you do get a little frustrated at not being able to go out. J you are the most loving, cuddliest boy I know. You love nothing more than being held for cuddles, or just sitting on our laps watching TV. You eat all your dinners well but you are a big fan of yogurts and especially chocolate! You would eat nothing but if we let you. You go to bed and very rarely make a fuss at bedtime and you are a good sleeper. You typically go to bed around 7pm and wake around 6am. You don’t particularly have any favourite toys, characters or hobbies at the moment. But since we took you to the circus you have become motorbike mad. Even telling us that you want to be a bike rider in the circus when you’re older.



M you are a much more relaxed child. You enjoy waking at your own pace and chilling in bed before you get up in the mornings, then come downstairs and relax on the sofa watching TV for a bit. You are a very independent little girl who can entertain herself well. You can sit and draw, colour and make crafts for hours. You enjoy reading your books which you are amazingly well at reading for your age. You enjoy playing with your little figures and horses and love a trip to the park but you enjoy staying in just as much. You are quite laidback and relaxed. You love a cuddle but on your own terms, or when we ask for one. You also eat your dinners well but you are very much aware of what you are eating. Unlike your brother you tend to choose the healthier options. You love fruit especially grapes and strawberries. And you love your vegetables too unlike J. Bedtime for you is also around 7pm, however you do tend to stay awake for what sometimes can be hours on occasion. You’re either playing with your dolls and horses in bed or reading a book. You currently love everything that’s LOL dolls. Your hobby is horse riding, you go every two weeks and you really are very confident on the horses.


Mummy and Daddy love you both very very much and we can’t wait to see how you develop in your personalities as you grow up.

All our love always xxx

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