6th October 2015 – Why Can't I Win The Lottery?

    As I sit here at my desk I can’t help but wonder what my littles ones are up to while I’m in work.
    My husband will have no doubt taken them to see their grandparents today.
    They go and visit at least once a week, and the kids absolutely love their grandparents.
    I wonder if they’re behaving and being good, I wonder what my husband has dressed them in! hopefully something colour co-ordinated! He is learning and he is getting better with choosing what clothes they wear.
    At some point during last night my daughter came into our bed. I love it when she comes in for a snuggle but don’t enjoy having to try and get up without disturbing her when I work alarm goes off. She had her head rested upon my shoulder and if I moved ever so slightly she was quick to snuggle back up, making sure I was still there. in one quick motion I rolled over my husband and pushed him next to her. Yes I did it!

    My husband later text me when my daughter woke up she asked where mummy was and daddy said she is in work, but she didn’t believe him. She had to check downstairs to make sure I wasn’t hiding anywhere! When she couldn’t find me she turned to daddy and said where’s mummy? Again he said She’s gone to work and with that she replied Are you serious daddy?! Oh kids do come out with some funny things.
    No doubt they are being spoiled right now by their grandparents and not giving a second thought for me now. But I do often wonder about how much I am missing out on while I am in work. Even more so now I have two jobs and work an extra day. 
    Why cant I win the lottery? Every precious second I would then spend enjoying  my children and playing with them, taking them out to experience new adventures. I guess until that day I’ll just have to make do with what little time we have.
    They grow up so fast!
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    19 thoughts on “6th October 2015 – Why Can't I Win The Lottery?

    1. It's tough being at work when your children are home – even more so now that our twins are in nursery and I'm the one at home on my own waiting to pick them up! I never know what to do with myself! #ShareTheLove

    2. Bless you – I'm behind you in the queue for a lottery win. I have such a detailed plan of exactly how I'd spend my millions I have spent way too energy thinking about this!

    3. Lovely post. I'm also in the queue for a lottery win but am not sure if I'm ahead or behind you! Good luck and I hope you get your winning numbers soon #binkylinky

    4. I don't mind being at work whilst my kids are with grandma, it when they are at nursery that I don't like. has to be done though 🙁 Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes

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