5 Worst Foods To Feed Your Children

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    I am always trying to feed my children with a healthy diet. 

    I make sure my daughter has plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the only drink she has is water and milk. On the odd occasion we have allowed her a fruit shoot or two. 
    We avoid foods high in sugar and salt such as crisps, chocolate and sweets. 
    Here are just some of the worst foods your children should avoid;
    1) Breakfast cereals aimed at children. For some reason cereals made for children contain a much higher sugar content than adult cereals. Even those labelled whole grain. Check the ingredients list to ensure sugar isn’t of a high content. Some cereals cleverly use alternative names for sugar in order to trick the consumer into believing that it’s not all bad. For example sugar could be listed as fructose, syrup, Maltose, dextrose or many other forms. 
    2) Processed Meats such as hot dogs contain nitrates which have been known to be linked to cancer

    3) Cake Snacks such as wagon wheels. They are full of trans fats which is the most unhealthy processed fat there is. 
    4) French Fries they offer very little if any nutritional value and are known to cause weight gain. They are also high in fat and sodium. 
    5) Juice is very high in sugar and can lead to tooth decay. Most juices aimed at children lack fibre and vitamins. A healthy alternative would be to blend up some fresh fruit with yogurt as a healthy smoothie. 
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