5 Important Tips For Laminate Floor Installation

I have recently written about how we were redecorating our living room and this also included replacing our old carpet for new laminate flooring.

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If you are one of the smart homeowners who is thinking about switching to laminate flooring, then you must be wondering how to install them in your own house. Luckily for you, laminate flooring are easy to install that it can be considered as a weekend project. Following these tips will help you in easy installation of laminate flooring.

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1. Knowing the Nature of Your Room

When you are going all in for your starting rows, you need to make sure that the walls are parallel. If your room is not square i.e. it may have uneven dimensions, you might find yourself ripping off the last installed row.
If furniture will occupy the last row, it is great but from a technical perspective, starting work without knowing the room measurements speaks about ill-proficiency.
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2. Getting Knee Pads

Hard knee shell pads are worn during roofing and landscaping installation but these are not the kind you wear during installation of laminate floorings. Getting gel filled knee pads are recommended because they help distribute the weight so spending long hours on your knees would not be painful.

3. Which Type Should I Use?

Underlying seams used in laminate floorings need to be taped. While you may find it tempting to use any kind of tape you find in your house, don’t do anything without research. This is because there are certain tapes which are way too rigid and they become a source of irritable crackling noise, whenever someone steps on them.


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Use tapes which are either recommended by the manufacturer of particular underlying seams. If this is stressful to figure out, you can always purchase those seams which have a pre-built seam tape.

4. Laminate Shear for Smooth Cutting

Although a miter saw can perform lamination cutting, you will get a lot of noise and dust as its side products. Laminate shear is awesome for clean cutting. They are available in the range of £60 – £1000. Ask your friends and family see if they have one. You can also buy it for future use.

5. Starting Lamination From Doors

The most troubling issue in terms of laminate installation lies around doors. You will have to precisely undercut doorways and perform trimming near the edges. This is difficult work with so it would be best if you start from this. Afterwards, lamination gets easier.
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