Playmobil Children's Playground Review Smyths Toys

Playmobil have been a household name since Hans Beck created it in 1974, and it has since become a classic of children’s playrooms, immersing children for generations into a world of make believe and imaginative play.
Smyths Toys have kindly sent us this charming Playmobil CityLife Childrens playground set retailing at £39.99. I was surprised when it arrived at just how big it is, I wasn’t expecting it and for the price I think it is an absolute steal!

Included in this set you will find;

9 Playmobil figures! How amazing is that!

2 slides
1 Swing
1 Skateboard ramp
1 Chair Carousel
As well as a range of accessories; Barbeque, sausages, bench, bottles, bucket and spade and more!

What I love the most about Playmobil toys is that there is nothing electronic about it and it requires no batteries, this helps to encourage children to use a lot of their skills; storytelling, role playing, imaginative play. Playmobil toys are a true classic!

This set reminds me so much of my old Matchbox Play Boot toy I used to play with when I was little. It was a school boot but included a swing set, slide and roundabout and I would play with it for hours! I still have it now and it has been a great pleasure to me to have handed this beloved toy down to my own children and see them playing with it. I can see the same thing happening with this Playmobil set it will be one that they won’t want to part with and will pass down to future generations.

The set comes packaged in a cardboard box and inside all of the pieces are plastic wrapped. As with all Playmobil sets there is a bit of construction to do, luckily though all the sets come with simple to understand instructions! Some bits were fiddly to put together but for the most part it really is easy.

Once the set was completed we sat back and admired it. It is such a lovely set for any child of any age! The pieces are chunky and well made, and we love the detail of the accessories that come with this like the BBQ tongs and the crate for the bottles to go in!

The bike, scooter and skateboard add an extra level of play to this already super fun set.

Watch as the skateboarder rolls down the ramp and cycle the bike around the park. All while mum and baby watch on in the sweet little pram, and the kids play in the sand.

The sand castle is just too cute! With a little bridge, seesaw and slide your figures can have lots of fun here! The chair carousel allows you to place your figures in the chairs and then you can spin them around, the swing set has a tyre swing and a rocking boat.


Smyths toys offer a huge selection of the Playmobil products in store and online.

Overall we absolutely love the Playmobil City Life Childrens Playground, it is durable, bright and colourful and provides hours of imaginative playtime.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the above mentioned Playmobil set and a Smyths voucher. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I love this playset. We received one to review too. I love all the different parts and accessories. Hours of fun!


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