Trends Of Modern Day Dating Etiquette

Ferratum have conducted research into the important matters of love, from the early dating stages to the serious stuff, in the hope that it will help men and women understand how the other views different aspects in dating. From who is expected to pay on the first date, who puts in more effort on their appearance for example.

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The following infographic highlights the results. The most interesting stats from this research are;
·         44% of men put more effort in their appearance when they are single vs in relationships. I believe this could be true even if the numbers do seem a little high. In fact I would have thought that this would have been true for both genders. I myself know that I now don’t put in as much effort in my own appearance as when I was single. I had the time to concentrate on my makeup and choosing an outfit whereas now my life is a lot busier. My husband and I both work full time and it really is hard to try to find the time especially with two young children. Long gone are the days when I would carefully stand in front of the mirror perfecting my eyeliner and blush, now it is a quick splodge of concealer and mascara! The research also showed that women are more likely to put in just as much effort in their appearance when they are single and in a relationship. Obviously this doesn’t include me, but I imagine that a lot of this has to do with the pressure of the media making women look perfect in all situations and environments and there really is a lot of pressure put on women to always look their best. I feel that I am comfortable with who I am and I can quite easily go to the store with a full face of make-up but just comfortably with no make-up and hair up in a messy bun!
·         50% of men agree that dating apps are a good way of meeting people, while only 40% of women agree. While I have never personally used a dating app I can see the attraction with using one. People these days are so busy and have so much going on their lives that it can be hard to find the time to get out there and meet new people, and with modern technology you really don’t have to anymore which in my opinion is a real shame. There’s nothing quite like going out and then seeing someone across the room who catches your back and then the nervous moment of who will approach who first. Where as in current time you can get to know someone pretty well online before you’ve even met them.
·         Women are far more likely to stalk someone on social media before going on a date with them (54%) while only 40% of men admit to doing so. Okay so I have actually done this and why not I say, I love trolling through all the photos I can find I mean the profile picture is obviously going to be them at their best so you kind of want to curiously see them looking a little worse for wear or in everyday life, it really can give you a picture of what they’re like.
·         68% of me would offer to pay on the first date but then many of these would suggest to split the bill on a repeat date (41%) I personally have always felt a little uncomfortable with the idea that a man should pay for the first date, I mean times have changed and we need to change with them. I would always offer to split the bill, but of course it is very gentlemanly of the man to offer to pay and that shows he has real respect and care for you. I have been on dates when the bill has come and the guy hasn’t offered to pay but this wouldn’t make me think any less of him or put me off going on a second date. I think that if you do have a second date then maybe it would be better for the man to actually offer to pay for this one and then maybe take it turns on any future dates, but I’d be happy with splitting the bill.
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