The Essentials For Setting up A New Corporate Space

When setting up a corporate space the concept of one-size-fits-all is a no-go for sure. Start-ups these days wish to keep the office experience fun and trendy with lots of pop-up colours, bean bags, and open workspaces. While all of that is fine, you would want to make sure that your clientele takes you seriously to have the business up and going. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean, traditional wooden tables and chairs, with gloomy dark shaded carpets, you can still keep it professional in suits with a modern take on office décor.

Bulls-eye! You got the right space

Increasing your organizational logistics is no joke, and without the right office space, it’s impossible. Ensure that your desired space is up to code, legal allowance is provided for your business to work there and space has passed all types of inspections necessary. Apart from these basics, there are few other factors to consider before you set up an office that’s:
  • Large enough to fit in a day to day activities for you and your staff,
  • Small enough to have maintenance costs
  • Has room to grow for your business growth
  • Has adequate parking space
Now that you have sorted this entire out, we can move on to the next task at hand.

Ergonomically Right Space: An employee’s dreams come true

Ergonomics is not just about the right set of desks and chairs, it does include that, but it is way more than just that. An ergonomically sound workspace must have the desks and chairs fit for all individuals with feet touching the ground, body posture in 90 degrees. Also, offer breaks for 15-20 minutes, right tools to lift objects that are heavy or the right headset to be on the phone at all times and right overhead lighting to reduce glare and strain on the eye. It’s important to take these factors into consideration before you start shopping to ensure you have an employee-friendly and productive work environment.

Let’s start working on floors

You have three different choices here. You can either go for a closed floor plan that is the usual choice for offices or a modified floor plan that is flexible to change as per your desire to make more room for growth in future. There’s also the third kind here that is the open floor plan. Growing these days widely, the open floor plan comes from the mindset of bringing all the employees together including the authority at the top of the company thereby deconstructing the barriers and providing a friendlier and approachable workspace. If you decide to go for the recent buzz with an open floor plan, just take into consideration that even with an open floor plan you can segregate certain areas with textured wall panels. This helps you keep harmonious work zones on the same floor without creating the barrier of the four walls.
decorative wall panel

wall panels

Separate, if you must!

If you are not too enthusiastic about an open floor plan but still wish to go forward with it provided you have your own space segregated out, here’s a thought. You can get interior decorative wall panels to map out your very own personal area and mark it with colourful, textured panels while still being approachable and available on the same floor. These don’t just look great they are widely being used as acoustic panels in bigger spaces at corporate offices for a very modern approach.
wall panel

Getting the light right!

Don’t rely just on the overhead lights. Get some LED task lights for each desk that can imitate natural light. This helps prevent strain on the eyes when paired with good overhead lighting, the latter is known to cast shadows and be dim at times when going solo. Pair up space with low-intensity ambient light, and you are good to go.
office lighting
 Productive workstations- Getting more done

An efficient workstation can increase the productivity many folds. A modern workstation must include, table, chair, computer and peripherals with adequate daily office supplies like pens, papers, staplers and other stationery which can vary depending on your business. Pick out tables that are square in shape, it provides enough space for the next workstation if a small space is something you are worried about. If the table isn’t sturdy enough, you might want to pin it down to other furniture or the wall.
office worktop
 Spotting the perfect table and chairs on sight

Avoid fabric chairs at all cost, once they go dirty, there’s no way out. Opt for a mesh kind of material that is breathable, leather although easy to clean and long lasting cannot be something everyone’s comfortable in. Adjustable chairs are the best kind to go for because they bring more value. If you can flexibly alter the lumbar support, height, and arms, you are good to go. Since employees that are stuck on the desk all day would require chairs with more functionality that helps with better posture, it’s best to go with something that is adjustable.
office chairs
 Get a grasp on the noise 
If you are aware that there is going to be a daily rush on the floor and have opted for an open floor plan, one way to not let the buzz on the floor travel to the entire office is to have decorative acoustic wall panels. They work well with absorbing excess sound and can help create a more professional looking workspace any given day. Seminar halls and conference rooms opt for acoustic decorative ceiling panels as well. They look absolutely brilliant with the kind of texture and customization options available, and if you have been craving for a pop of colour, this is your chance to make it big with the wall panels.

Choosing the right desks, chairs, lighting while keeping up with the ergonomically friendly environment and office décor with furniture and panels and much more for a modern take on corporate space set-up.