Happy 4th Birthday Ozzie!

I will keep this post short and sweet. It is my beloved Ozzie’s 4th birthday.


He has brought us so much joy and happiness. We didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for when we adopted this teeny tiny kitten as he has grown above and beyond normal cat size!

large cat

The vet believes he may be part Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat but whatever he is he is a very loved member of our family!

He loves;

  • Playing fetch with his ball
maine coone
  • Coming on walks with us
norwegian forest cat
  • Sneaking into the neighbour houses and making himself at home!
  • Bringing us “treats”, mice and birds for example, and I won’t go into detail about how we had to dismantle our staircase to get the live rat out!
Ozzie really is just a big softie though and he loves nothing more than cuddling up on my lap for some strokes and affection.

So happy 4th birthday Ozzie, we hope you enjoy your presents!

cat tree
cat scratching 



  1. What an absolutely beautiful cat! Happy birthday Ozzie! He sounds like the perfect companion #thatfridaylinky

    1. Thank you Louisa he really is the purrfect companion ;)

  2. His tail is magnificent! We too adopted instead of shopping, we have an African Pygmy Hedgehog that is a little madame!

    1. Thank you Kelly, aw I have actually been looking at pygmy hedgehogs they are so adorable but yes heard they can take a while to get used to people


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