Strictly Briks 60 Piece Creatorz Set Review

Who doesn’t love creating their own house or play area! I’m sure everyone of all ages loved playing with Lego. It is a toy that will probably never get forgotten about.

Well I’d like to introduce you to Strictly Briks. These are building bricks but with a difference.

They offer limitless 3D possibilities adding an extra dimension to your creations; you are not limited to just building up, you can build creations in every direction. What’s more they’re compatible with major brands, including Lego, Mega bloks and K’NEX brand sets.

This is the Strictly Briks 60 Piece Creatorz Set including cube. In this set you will find;

  • 2x2x2 cube Creatorz
  • Tall 2x2x6 Stacker Creatorz
  • Multicoloured 6x6 Cube

On opening the set I could see that each side of the cube boards had different sizes, one for Lego size and one for Mega bloks size. Great I thought, as we have boxes of Mega bloks around the house! I started putting the cube together to show my kids that they could keep the blocks inside the cube when they’re not being used, and then I showed them that they could build on any of the sides of the cube, so they could build a house on its side for example so they could make a three dimensional world!

strictly briks
Strictly Cube used with Mega Bloks

On each side of the Strictly Briks you can add more bricks so you end up making creations that you wouldn’t be able to make with regular Lego.

What do I think?

Overall I love the concept behind Strictly Briks it is great, however I have to say we are a little disappointed with this set.

The briks themselves aren’t easy to put together, resulting in both my 4 and 5 year old getting frustrated with them and not wanting to play with them anymore after only ten minutes of me introducing the set to them.

The connectors to fit the boards together to create the cube all snapped, taking away that all important 3D cube element.

However the boards can still be stacked to create different levels, and the boards will still get some play out of them but alongside their regular Lego and Mega bloks bricks which offer a lot more durability.

For the purpose of this review I was sent one Strictly Briks 60 Piece Creatorz Set including cube. all thoughts and opinions are my own.