How to break the habit?

I have pretty much always been a smoker, on and off, but mostly on if I’m honest.

As a curious and naïve teenager I was tempted into trying my first cigarette and I was pretty much hooked straight away.
quit smoking

The only time I quit was when I was pregnant but following my children’s births and numerous health issues I started back up again. 

I have tried many ways to quit but the easiest one for me is by using my e-cigarette. I have had a few of these mostly the oil ones, but they never seem to last a great deal of time, I have recently switched to one that takes cartridges, simply screw on and when empty screw off and replace, no oily mess everywhere.

Even though I prefer this one, as it is cartridges they don’t last as long as the oils and I therefore have to make sure I have a spare ecig charger with me, usually in my hand bag for on the go charging. It’s useful as its usb so I can charge it from my car, laptop or plug socket. 

There are of course other methods you can try to help you quit including;  
  • Nicotine patches
  • Lozenges
  • Chewing gum
  • Oral/nasal sprays
  • Medication tablets
I find that in order to quit the cigarettes I need to be in the right frame of mind, and be sure and positive that I can and will do it, otherwise I will fail. Even though at the moment when I do “quit”, I say that in inverted commas as I feel like it’s not really quitting when going from cigarette to ecig even though when I am on my ecig I find I don’t need to use it as often as I would have a cigarette for example and when I do use it it’s usually just a couple of puffs.
Smoking cessation Wales says “Over recent years, e-cigarettes have become popular in the UK, with the Welsh Health Survey (2015) showing that 6% of Welsh residents are currently using an e-cigarette with 15% saying that they have tried them. Unlike cigarettes, there is no burning with e-cigarettes so smoke is not produced, meaning that there are none of the harmful products of burning tobacco, such as tar and carbon monoxide.”

One day I hope that I will be able to beat the habit completely.

Do you have any tips or advice on how you quit? And how long ago did you quit? Have you had a sneaky one in between or found it hard at social events not to start up again? I really would love to hear from you!