Crazy Cat Carnival - Crazy Cat Ladies Go Crazy In Cardiff!

As many of you will know I am a blogger and part of this is reviewing events and products, most of which are 99.9% positive so it is with great disappointment that I am having to write my first negative review but I feel it needs to be shared.
I have one cat so probably can’t be classed as a crazy cat lady even though I am crazy about my cat and cats in general, I’m sure there’s a requirement of a certain number of cats before you can be classed as a crazy cat lady, I imagine it’s 3. 

Anyway! When I heard that there was going to be a cat festival in my hometown it’s safe to say I was very excited!  
 crazy cat carnival

The website for the Crazy Cat Carnival hosted by MJR Entertainment says; 

‘Discover the hottest trends to pamper your pussycat and browse our various stalls for the cutest cat themed accessories and gifts (for humans too!). Need a refreshment? Paws for thought at our (1)Cat Café offering a range of cocktails named after our favourite feline friends. (2)We’ll also be offering the best local street food at each date – licking the bowl clean not permitted! And learn all about adopting – (3) while giving them a cuddle, of course…Maybe you’ll even add to your feline family! Although you sadly can’t bring your own cat along, share stories and pictures of your little purr-ince or purr-incess with our (4) crazy cat corner. Think speed dating, but with the chance to show off your furry family member! Still pur-suading? Make sure you don’t miss the (5) celebrity guests, live talks and demonstrations making sure your cat care skills are up to scratch. (6) We’ll also be hosting a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn to take stunning photographs of your pet in our cat social media workshop so your followers never have to miss a thing. Unfortunately, you will not be able to bring your own cat but (7) you will receive a free present to take home to your fur-baby!’


  • Cat themed cocktails – a meow-tini anyone?
  • Cat-centric market place with cat goodies galore
  • Speaker panels from cat professionals
  • Pop-up cat café working with local rescue & adoption centres
  • Street food from local vendors and bars
  • Cat speed dating where you can share photos of your feline friend
  • A present to take home to your fur-baby 

They even stated ‘fall even further in love with your feline while making friends and memories – it’s litter-ally the most meow-velous event this summer!’

We arrived at the venue ten minutes before it was due to start. They had the option of booking a morning session 10am-2pm or afternoon session 4-8pm. We attended the first session and was disappointed when the doors still hadn’t opened when it was almost ten minutes late, when the doors did open a lot of the stalls were still setting up.  

I honestly can’t describe to you how hyped up and excited I was waiting to go into the venue. I was expecting a lot of colourful decorations and stalls and things to do and see. Instead when we walked in we were greeted into a very dark hall. In the centre of the hall was a load of chairs and around the walls there were 7 small tables, so called “stalls”. These were; 

  • A stall selling lovely cat jewellery
  • A stall selling cat art or history books
  • A stall selling cat trees with prices starting in the £100s!
  • Some weird Japanese style cat photo booth, where they dress you up like a cat and take your photo for you to keep. This was free.
  • A lovely lady we spoke to who runs a cattery
  • A stall selling litter and trays
  • A stall selling cat collars and bow ties 

This session was supposed to be for four hours, I thought there must be more to this as we were promised a lot more as they advertised the above on their website* We headed upstairs thinking it must carry on up there but we were a bit miffed when it was just a bar and a cats protection stall up there. 

(1) We were promised a cat café with cat themed cocktails. What we got; a regular bar serving regular drinks and very awkward conversations with the bar staff when trying to order a cat cocktail and being told ‘We have juice! You can name your own cocktail if you want!’ 

Hang on. What is going on? There were a lot of very frustrated and confused people all just standing around. I think it was such a shock how awful the whole event was that we were all embarrassed at having actually paid to be here, it was laughable.

(2) The street food from local vendors turned out to be just one vendor under a small gazebo outside the venue serving Indian food, no other choice at all.

(3) There were no cats

(4) There was no cat corner or “speed dating” area

(5) I don’t know who the celebrity guests were supposed to be but there wasn’t any

(6) There was no social media corner

(7) bemused staff didn’t know how to answer us when we were told we were promised a present to bring home for our cat, we were simply told there isn’t one. 

We left after just 40 minutes!

So all in all this event was a mis-sold, mis-advertised, disappointment of an event. With many of the attendees taking to social media to vent their anger and disappointment to Crazy Cat Carnival (MJR Entertainment) only to have their comments removed!

The afternoon session was cancelled with ticket holders being emailed to notify them of this 40 minutes before the session was due to open. 
crazy cat carnival

Many people had bought these tickets as presents for their loved ones, children included, and had spent considerable time and money on organising transport and even overnight accommodation to this event only to be met with nothing. 

Now I have to point out that the stall holders were all so lovely and friendly and have since disassociated themselves with the event as they too were mis-sold their vendor places and most of them also left early.  

Yesterday Crazy Cat Carnival posted on the Cardiff Event page the following;

After a few hours it seems they couldn’t deal with the honesty and questions from their disappointed ticket buyers so they removed the post and all of the comments, luckily I have them all saved by screen shot. They have promised those whose events were cancelled including other cities and the Cardiff afternoon session will automatically have their money refunded. However they seem to be ignoring those who attended the Cardiff morning session. We have all requested refunds and at least an explanation of what happened, but alas it seems they have gone all quiet and are ignoring our requests and emails. With a lot of the people who attended complaining to trading standards I hope we hear from them very soon!

Did you attend the event? Or had you booked tickets for a future event?
I would really love to hear your thoughts please comment below, and I can promise you Your comment will not be deleted!


  1. Maybe we should organise a facebook group for us all affected so we can all keep on at these fraudsters?

    1. Good idea, I had the standard email from Prudance on Monday but nothing since. I’ve chased and will phone if I haven’t received anything by tomorrow.

    2. I did phone them this morning and they told me they are meeting today to discuss how to proceed and we should all be receiving an email today or tomorrow.
      I don't see what there is to discuss when we were sold something that wasn't as advertised, we should all be receiving refunds

    3. Ah thanks hopefully something will happen tomorrow then. I keep thinking that ok the event shouldn’t have gone ahead but if they had to run it for whatever reason if they had just said to everyone when we arrived (or emailed us before) that there wasn’t as much there as they had planned and apologised and offered us all half our money back or something similar, they would have saved themselves most of the negative comments! It wouldn’t have cost them much to give everyone a packet of Dreamies to take home for their cats and at least then there would have been some kind of the gift they had promised! They just seem to have handled it so badly and greedily! I can’t understand it!

  2. My wife and myself attended the Cardiff event and we got there about 11.30 and managed to stay for over 2 hours as disappointing as it was . I think the FB comments have said it all though , we were looking forward to some nice cocktails and a good choice of food too . The speakers were good although I didn't like the way the guy talked about " buying " cats and kittens , surely they are adopted nowadays ? Anyway my wife bought some lovely jewellery from the stand and all be it overpriced the Indian street food was delicious . We baled out at 1.45 and headed back into City centre for a drink to reflect on a shambolic event , good job we paid early bird prices and not full ! Our 2 cats most disappointed we never came home with a prezzie , hope we can get a refund too ?

    1. Fingers crossed we can
      Yes the stalls that were there were lovely just a shame the event organisers couldn’t live up to what they had advertised

  3. I’m so glad we didn’t go!

    They have been pestering us for months to come as a cat export to hold a speech or even book a stall for our publication. (Katzenworld)

    I had the suspicion this could turn horrible... and it’s sad to see this happened. :/

  4. Lets hope we do hear from them and the imfamous Prudence soon then , please let us know anything .

  5. Hi, thanks for your comment...“A lovely lady we spoke to who runs a cattery”... that was me! Sara from Catnappery.
    Regarding this event, I too, as a fully fledged crazy cat lady, was thoroughly excited by the prospect of the promised feline extravaganza that was advertised.
    Turns out my time would’ve been better spent examining the contents of used litter trays!
    I left early as I did not want to be associated with such a debacle. I feel deeply sorry for all the crazy cat people out there who, like me, spent time and money on what was a horrendous and shameful attempt at an event.
    I know the feeling amongst most of the exhibitors was that we feel our reputations have been tarnished by attending this event.
    I do hope the organiser does the right thing and compensates everyone involved; people who’ve bought tickets, people who’ve spent any money to be involved in the event etc. I fear they will not adequately compensate anyone.
    I feel that the prospect of any future cat related event has been seriously scuppered but I am not opposed to the idea of arranging one in the future.....if I do, it will be free and it will be fabulous! The crazy cat people out there deserve this!

    1. Hi Sara! Yes you are the lovely lady :) I don't think anyone who attended would associate any of the vendors/stall holders with Crazy Cat Festival as we all knew it was the fault of the organisers, you were mis sold this event just as much as we were
      Hopefully we will get answers by the end of tomorrow, they can expect a daily phone call from me otherwise until this has been resolved and until we are happy with the outcome

  6. Just got an email:

    Hi Anna,

    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I hope you understand we have been trying out hardest to sort this situation out in the fairest way possible.

    I can confirm we will be issuing you a refund for your tickets and you will receive payment of this within 5-7 working days.

    Once again we are sorry that the event experience was not what you had expected.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Mummy’s Diary12 July 2018 at 12:07

      Fantastic news Iv had the same email too :)

  7. I have had an email today from Eventrite saying that are currently processing my refund , too right they should be . No promise of a free cat toy though and I shall have to make up my very own cat themed cocktail to drink tonight lol !


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