3 Alternative Uses of Envelopes That Has Nothing to Do with Carrying Mail (For Kids)

Envelopes are an essential office supply. They help us send mail and store important documents. Apart from these grown-up uses, envelopes have the potential to be great craft supplies for kids. The great thing about envelopes is that they comes in a variety of different sizes and colours. They are also made from a range of different paper materials, right from cheap white ones to textured brown envelopes.
Why Envelopes Make Awesome Craft Supplies for Kids?
Envelopes are great for kids who have basic embellishment and drawing skills. Envelopes come with a pre-made storage space. This means kids with beginner level crafting skills can draw on them and customize them with embellishments and create awesome storage units.

The skill of drawing and designing custom envelopes also come in handy when you want to send out cute Christmas cards to family and friends. Therefore, next time you order personal envelopes online make sure to buy a few brightly coloured envelopes for your kids. Watch in awe while your kids start using them in their craft projects in ways you never imagined. To get those creative juices flowing, the following are 3 envelope craft ideas for kids.

They Can Be Crafted to Create Cool Bookmarks: Making an envelope bookmark is really easy. All you need to do is cut out a corner using a craft scissor. Once you do, you are left with a triangular piece of paper with a readymade sleeve. Attach some wiggly eyes and draw on noses and mouths to create a bookmark character. You can create anything from a vampire to a bunny rabbit. Once you are done decorating the bookmark, you are ready to put it to use. Simply attach the sleeve to one of the outer corners of the page you want to bookmark. Walla! You just created a bookmark envelope.
Making Cheap Paper Piggy Banks: It’s very important to teach kids the importance of saving money. One of the ways to do that is to encourage them to make their own piggy banks. Did you know you could make paper piggy banks using envelopes?

You need a pink envelope that closely matches the pink shade of a cartoon pig. Seal the envelope using glue and create a tiny slot for inserting cash or coin. Once done, it’s up to your drawing skills to bring the piggy bank to life. Draw a piggy nose on the plain side of the envelope. You can even attach cut-out ears and wiggly eyes to complete the piggy look.

They Make Great Storage Units for Art Embellishments: Tiny art supplies such as sequins, beads, rhinestones, paper cut-outs are often really hard to store. Envelopes make pretty good storage units for these items. Just hand your kids some crayons and allow them to customize their envelopes. They can even use the embellishments they plan to store to decorate the envelopes they plan to store them in. This will serve as a non-textual visual label of what’s stored inside.