10 Things I Couldn't Live Without

Bit of a chilled day today, so I go thinking what can I write about, how about my list of the top ten things I couldn’t live without, so here you go. 

1)      Phone – I use my phone for everything and whilst I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to it I am on it a lot. I use it for blogging, shopping, browsing, contacting friends and family, taking photos pretty much everything and I think I would be pretty lost without it.

2)      Medication – ok this one is literal. I have an under active thyroid therefore I really couldn’t live without my daily dose of levothyroxine.

3)      Hair bands – argh I hate my hair down it gets in my eyes, irritates the back of my neck, and it get greasy so so quick! The only time I wear my hair down is in work, every other time it’s usually up in a messy bun, I have hairbands everywhere including around the gear stick in my car!

4)      Car – yes I couldn’t live without my car. Without it I wouldn’t be able to take my children on all of the holidays and days out that we so much enjoy.

5)      Family – pretty obvious this one but my husband and kids are my world!

6)      Cushions – Dumbo cushions that is. I love Dumbo, but I especially love cushions I can’t sleep without them. I have one under my head, I cuddle one and I have one between my knees lol


7)      Child Free evenings – our kids have a great routine, they’re in bed by 7pm leaving myself and hubby to relax in front of the TV in the evenings

8)      Cat – I love my cat, he is my fur baby. I will be devastated if anything happened to him.

9)      Face wipes – there’s nothing better than coming home from work, tying my hair and up and wiping the day off!

10)   Moisturiser – I love my face and body moisturisers and use them daily, even though I have oily skin I still have to moisturise I use Avon mattifying moisturiser with spf.