So You Want To Be A Blogger?

I get asked so often by people how can I start a blog, I want to be given free products to review!

It looks so easy, help me to create my own and so on.

And while I am more than happy to help anybody who seriously wants to start their own blog, I would love it if they knew what it really entails.

You have to spend money and you have to spend time in order to create and make your blog successful. 

It’s not just as easy as sign up and start writing.

Therefore I have written this little list for those of you who want to know what you need to do to start your own blog and make it successful.

You need an idea, a niche. There are so may bloggers out there. You need to create your own brand, it needs to stand out from the rest. You need a niche e.g. a specific topic that your blog covers that will draw readers in. What will you write about that will make people want to come and read your blog. Niche ideas: Food & recipe blogs / Finance, money and budgeting / IVF / Days Out / a blog dedicated to things going on in your own city / Health & Fitness / Beauty.

Once you have your idea you then need to come up with a catchy brand name. Nothing too long or complicated as remember this will be used for your blog url. It might be a good time now to also find a designer who can create a personalised logo for your brand, these don’t come cheap and most charge anything from £100 upwards. This will then be used on your blog’s social media accounts. 
Yes you need to set up social media accounts for your blog as well. Most bloggers will have a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram for their blog as a minimum, others will also have Pinterest and YouTube channels. Remember as well as updating your blog with posts, you will need to update your social media channels too and share your posts across them.

Then start writing your posts. Ideally write up a week or two of posts so that you can schedule them to go live on your blog every day. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who doesn’t blog! It’s handy to write a list of blog post ideas so that you can always fall back on this if you are struggling for things to write about. Write about something that you are passionate about otherwise you will get bored and it will become tedious.

Next you need a platform, most use WordPress, I use blogger it’s good for just starting out on as its free and simple to use. Once you have set up your account, your blog/brand name will show like this for example www.mummysdiary. While your blog is a blogspot domain brands will not approach you to work with you but don’t go rushing to buy your own domain just yet. Work on building up your blog posts, and designing your site to how you want it to look. Only when you are ready you should then buy your own domain, you will need to pay a yearly fee for this as well. You can buy your own domain from many places I use GoDaddy once you have bought your domain, your url will change from to or .com whichever you choose. Of course you then have to set up your own redirect, this redirects readers from your blogspot blog to your blog you will need to have a basic understanding of technology and how to things like this as it isn’t easy.

In order to be successful you will need to engage with other bloggers. There are many Facebook groups you can join in order to meet other bloggers. The best place to get your blog noticed first is by getting other bloggers to read your blog and share your posts. You can join in with guest posts (writing articles to be published on other blogs), join in with linkys (sharing your posts on these will increase traffic to your blog) There are so many ways in which you can engage with other bloggers, too many to possibly write down but these are a great start.

In order for brands and companies to notice your blog you need to be writing good quality articles that attract people in. Using features such as Google Analytics and Keywords can help you to see where you are going.

Brands like to work with bloggers who have certain statistics. When you first start blogging your stats will be 0 you need to boost these! Domain Authority (DA) is the main one, most brands like to work with bloggers who have a DA of at least 25. You can read more about DA on the MOZ website. Other stats include unique monthly visitors, trust flow, page authority, google page rank, demographics and readership. As well as these brands will want to see readers engaging with you, for example the more comments and likes your Facebook page has the better, most ask for a minimum number of twitter and Instagram followers too.

And then there’s blog awards; top UK blogger, best new blog etc if you can obtain any of these it will help. 

You won’t get approached by brands straight away, you need to build up your stats and readerships. Your blog needs to be at least a year old before brands may start getting in touch with you.

Most bloggers will have a media kit. A media kit is basically a CV for your blog. You need to include an introduction as to who you are and what you blog about, as well as start listing any brands you have worked with and you will need to include your stats and a way to contact you.

media kit

Remember blogging is a business and to make it work you have to work to make it successful!