- Heelys Review

In November 2004, the foundations for were laid through, which began by selling a little known product called Heelys.

David, the founder, had received a pair of Heelys that summer as a gift from his family and wherever he went he found himself being asked where these shoes could be purchased. With the support of his family, Flywalk was born, and Heelys began to be sold in the UK.

We have been sent two pairs of Heelys for review. First is the Heelys x2 dual up shoes in a silver purple rainbow design. The first thin that attracted me to these Heelys was the pattern. It’s vibrant, colourful and fun. They stand out from the crowd and look they look cool when worn! 

The Heelys X2 Dual up shoes are the perfect choice for those weekend trips around town or to the park. The come with speedy ABEC 3 wheels. They’re made of synthetic with padded tongue and collar for optimal comfort and protection. I was very pleased with the quality of the Heelys, they feel sturdy and strong and they have a power strap and elastic gore closure for a secure fit. They also have a durable rubber sole and abrasion resistant brake pad, as well as a rubber toe cap. It's super easy to fit the wheels and there are instructions on how to do this on the inside of the box.

I love that these can be worn as normal shoes as well. They come with wheel plugs and a removal tool to convert them from Heelys to shoes. 


The silver purple rainbow X2 dual up shoes are available to buy for £49.95. 

Next we have the Heelys X2 Fresh shoes in black and red. They have two wheels on each shoe the same as the rainbow shoes above. These make it perfect for your child to learn stability and balance. The bearings to the wheels allow you to go fast but not uncontrollably fast! 

boys heelys

These Heelys look smooth and smart and again they feel of solid build and are sturdy and comfortable to wear. They come with a waffle grip on the base to keep your trainer firmly planted to the floor when you’re not in skate mode. These also have the rubber toe cap and can also be worn without the wheels as normal shoes.

I have to say watching them the first time wearing the Heelys was quite scary! But they’re not like roller skates where it is difficult to stay still, these prevent you from falling back and it’s easier to control your balance.  

Overall we love the Heelys, they are great fun although they do need a bit more practice I’m sure they’ll be whizzing around in no time!


For the purpose of this review I was sent two pairs of Heelys, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My niece has a pair of these and looks so cool whizzing round on them, I would've loved some when I was younger! Now my parent side loves the fact that you can actually take the wheels out and just wear the shoes as normal shoes too! x


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