Our First Family Holiday Abroad - Alicante

I longed to take my children abroad for a holiday for so long. It’s so much different to a staycation. There’s the excitement at the airport watching the planes taking off and landing and then there’s the excitement of actually flying on the plane. Then getting off and having the heat wash over you. Checking into your hotel and exploring new places and experiences new activities!


We aim to go away at least twice a year. We usually stay in the south of the UK and normally for 3-5 days. Yes the children love getting away after all it’s an adventure isn’t it!

This year we were lucky enough to be able to holiday abroad as a family. 

We stayed in Alicante at in a family members apartment. This was the perfect first holiday abroad for our children, as my relative knew the area and was able to show us around as well as taking us to visit some of the attractions. It felt better than going somewhere that we were completely new too as it meant not a minute of our break was wasted by getting lost for example.

The kids had been on countdown from around day 45! It felt like ages waiting but before we knew it, it was the night before and we were eagerly trying to get the kids to sleep ready for their early morning wakeup call at 2.30am! My husband and I only probably had a few hours’ sleep ourselves before we were getting back up again. We woke the kids and whisked them straight into the car tucked up under their blankets, hoping they would get some much needed extra sleep. Of course that didn’t happen and they stayed awake the whole journey to the airport full of beans and excited!

We arrived at the airport around 4.30am parked our car, caught the bus to the terminal and then headed straight to security as we only had hand luggage. Well this process completely confused me. Especially as I am ex cabin crew and I was much more used to being on the inside of the airport! Anyway we had to place our bags on the conveyor belt, but take any liquids out and placed on a separate tray then walk through the security scanner.

Anyway we found our gate and were soon on board the airplane enjoying the duty free!

When we arrived we went straight to the apartment. We were all pretty tired and decided to have a chilled day by the pool. In the evening we went out for a lovely meal.

The next day we headed to the beach where I discovered that both my children are water babies! They absolutely loved being in the sea and spent the majority of the time in the water rather than on the beach. The afternoon the we went out for a wander and another meal.

We decided it would be nice if we took the kids on a day out, so we headed to Mundomar in Benidorm. This is an animal park which offers a variety of shows and activities. The children were able to feed the seals their fish supper!
We went in with the lemurs and much to my amusement one of them sat on my little boys head, we watched the seal show but the show stopper was the dolphin show. It was truly magnificent to see all the things they were capable of doing and the trainers were just as amazing. I would highly recommend visiting Mundomar if you are near!
Mundomar Benidorm

The rest of the holiday we spent back at the beach and at the pool.
We headed into Alicante itself on our last day where they often have festivals and attractions.


It truly was an amazing holiday and we can’t wait to go back!


  1. This looks fab!!! I am so glad you had a good holiday. Thanks for sharing.


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