How To Make The Most Of Your Weekends: Advice From Working Mums

Some of you may be aware that as of the beginning of this year I became full time!

After the birth of our children I decided to drop down to two days a week so I could spend quality time and bond with my babies. 

Of course it’s not always an easy decision to decide to go full time again. Going part time was an easy decision, why wouldn’t I want to work less and play with my children more, but of course there are downsides to going part time such as the loss of that extra income. We managed quite well up until the end of last year where we began to struggle and just at that moment a full time position became available. It was a case of if I don’t go for this now I may never get the chance to go full time with my company again. It was a no brainer, thankfully I got the job. 

It was tough at first especially for the children. They were used to mummy taking them to school, picking them up and cooking them dinner. This all changed so fast for them. Now they have daddy or their grandparents take them school and although I see them every day when I get home from work it’s only a short space of time before they go off to bed. 

Now I try and make the most of our weekends together. Just this last weekend we went to the soft play and park, the next day we went out for a walk and to the field where they could run around and kick the ball. The only thing I am now struggling with is that the weekends go too fast.  

I asked some other mummy’s how to make the most of their weekends, here’s what they said;

Frances who blogs at Whinge Whinge Wine says;
First off pay a cleaner so you're not wasting your weekends cleaning! Make plans in your head of what you want to do or achieve so you don't waste most of Saturday thinking of something to do but under no circumstances tell the children because if your plans change you'll be for it!’ 

Raimonda from Cosmo Mum says;
‘Don’t feel pressured to have a family day out every weekend. Sometimes it’s just nice to ponder in the garden! 

Sinead at Sinead Latham says;
‘On Saturday we go out! No housework, no life admin. Me and the boy go and explore.....we get to spend a day chatting and eating all the cake, Sunday’s are for chilling. I work full time and schedule all life admin/ housework for the week as I believe weekends are precious 

Jade who blogs at The Blog Assistant says;
‘Make sure you schedule a day off, work an extra hour each day non-thurs, so you can use Friday to catch up on life, than say sat is left for stress-free, no plans fun! 

Helen at Welsh Mum writing says;
‘Commit to one day as a going out fun day, one morning for chores and one afternoon for freestyle spur of the moment stuff. We try to do it so we alternative the chores morning so one of us gets one on one time with our son. My biggest advice would be realistic about what you can fit in. Write a list of what you have to get done within your home and life and break it down into manageable chunks, quick things to be done every day , regular weekly things and then the once a month stuff. You can’t do it all as a working parent, just do enough'
Do you have any advice or tips? We'd love to hear them.