The Chicken Pox has arrived; How to help soothe it

Chicken pox is doing the rounds at our kids school. First my daughter had it and I thought with our holiday just a few weeks away I was hoping my little boy would soon have it. But three weeks passed and nothing, but alas we woke up this morning and the chicken pox had arrived.

chicken pox

My daughter was not at all bothered by the chicken pox, she had quite a few over her body arms and legs, none on her face, and she just thought it was hilarious when we spotted the cream on her, she told us we could play dot-to-dot on her! a few days passed and hers had completely dried up and started to fade away.

Phew I thought if only my son has it so easy! He went to school yesterday and as I was getting him dressed I noticed one blister type spot on his chest, I thought hmm this could be the start of it but I couldn’t see any more he was clearly not unwell so off to school he went.

When he came home from school and changed his clothes that’s when we saw that a few more had appeared, not a lot though but he was definitely not himself now he was very quiet. I had heard that having a warm bath can help to bring the spots out, so in they went then off to bed.

At some point in the night my boy had wandered into my bed and he was attempting to scratch himself whilst he was fast asleep, and he was a bit restless. When we got up first thing I did was to plaster him in calamine cream. Now he really wasn’t very happy and he was trying to scratch, luckily the cream seemed to soothe the itching alongside some Piriton. 

I am hoping we can keep the itching at bay. I decided to do a little research to see what is best to use to help your little ones stay happy when they have the chicken pox.

According to the NHS UK website chicken pox is; ‘Chickenpox (known medically as varicella) is caused by a virus called the varicella-zoster virus. It's spread quickly and easily from someone who is infected. Chickenpox is a mild and common childhood illness that most children catch at some point.

It causes a rash of red, itchy spots that turn into fluid-filled blisters. They then crust over to form scabs, which eventually drop off.

Some children have only a few spots, but other children can have spots that cover their entire body. These are most likely to appear on the face, ears and scalp, under the arms, on the chest and belly, and on the arms and legs.

Children with chicken pox may feel miserable and irritable, here are some ways to help soothe them; 
·         Give them a warm bath this will help to bring the spots out. It has been suggested that adding oatmeal to the bath can help soothe the itching.
·         Use Calamine Cream it contains zinc oxide with helps to cool the skin and prevent itching
·         Use PoxClin Cool Mousse Intended for larger areas, it is absorbed rapidly by the skin and provides a direct cooling and soothing effect for rapid relief from irritation, itching and sensitivity associated with chickenpox in children.

·         Give Calpol to help with any associated fever
·         Stay hydrated, try ice lollies if your child has chicken pox in their mouth
·         Keep fingernails short and wash hands regularly, you could also consider using mitts/gloves, especially at night to help stop them scratching
·         Keep them cool and wear loose fitting clothing
·         Give antihistamines – make sure you check what ages this is suitable for, for younger ones you can get it in syrup form