International Women's Day; A Letter To My Daughter

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th March

It started in the early 1900s to campaign for better rights, votes and pay for women but is now aimed at inspiring women all across the world.

Today all across Britain events are being held to commend the achievements of women everywhere and hopefully to inspire others.

As today is International Women’s Day I wanted to write you a letter.

My dearest daughter,

Today is a day to celebrate women all over the world for their achievements.

I am so proud to call you my daughter, in your short life you have shown everyone just how strong and independent you are.

You have been through major surgery and not once were you phased but what you went through, all the tests, scans and sitting in waiting rooms. You have shown you are incredibly brave.

You are the best big sister your brother could’ve had. You show him the way, you are patient with him and he adores you for this.

You have made such amazing progress in school, starting off as a quiet little girl who didn’t want to go for at least the first year of it. Now you are a high achiever with lots of friends and you have so much confidence which I wish I had had at your age.

You have the best personality, you are quirky and oh so funny always making us laugh with your funny faces, dances and little routines.

I do often wonder what the future holds for you, and your brother. There is still inequality in this day and age and I wish for you to stand strong and show everyone what you’re capable of. I wish most of all for you to be kind as kindness can never be a bad thing. I wish for you to have the kind of people in your life that hold you up when you’re feeling down, and stand with you when you’re successful.

You can make your dreams come true and be what and who you want to be.

All my love xx


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