Created By Magic - Long Story Short Print Review

I love decorating my home with personalised pictures and photos of my family.

If you were to wander around my home you would find family photos and prints in almost every room, members of my from family past and present.

When Created By Magic contacted me to ask if I would like to review their ‘Long Story Short’ Print I was excited. I loved the idea of being able to commemorate the best moments of my life displayed in a print on my wall for all to see.

They offer unique gifts for the most special people in our lives, all designed and created in the UK. Gifts for kids and families. They offer prints for all occasions including christenings, wedding, anniversary plus nursery and baby name prints and more.

It was so easy to order as well. Select your design and colour theme then complete your details and double check you’ve input the correct dates before submitting. I was then sent a proof image of my print to check before it was printed, thankfully I noticed an error I had made so was able to rectify this before printing.

When the print arrived I was excited to see it. It arrived in a sturdy envelope to prevent it being bent or damaged. The print arrives unframed and is of an A4 size. I was a little disappointed with the size of the print, but this is by no means the fault of the creator. I did not check the print size before ordering, although the image used on the website does look bigger than A4 and I was expecting it to be around A3.


Although the print really is lovely it doesn’t really stand out all that well in my living room due the small size of it and there is a lot of information on it, I think if was to order this myself I would have opted for a bigger size. I do have a stair hallway and I feel that if I put this print on the wall in there it would be noticed more.

It would be a nice touch if there was a framed option as well, as the print on the website is in a lovely frame and compliments the print well.

The print itself is printed on high quality photo paper. It is in the colour that I chose which matches my living room well.


Overall I am pleased with the print. I love the personalisation and the meaning it has to us. This print is priced at £18.


  1. This is a lovely idea! It's our family birthday next week (the anniversary of adopting the kids) and this would make a nice family prezzy I think :)

  2. I really like this idea, think I will be looking into it thanks for sharing #tacticaltuesdays

  3. I like the idea of this type of infographic print for the wall- makes a change from photos and, like you say, is really personal too. Thanks for linking up with #tacticaltuesdays

  4. What a lovely idea I think these would make a fab gift too. I love you can change the colour theme to what suits you. Thank you for linking up with #TacticalTuesdays


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