Babame Plan Toys: Wooden Toy Review

Babame are a shop and online retailer based in Northern Ireland. Baba Me was established 15 years ago, with the initial idea to make modern cloth nappies more accessible in Europe. Over the years they have expanded their product range, including but not limited to wooden toys as well as natural beauty and eco living products. Their aim is to be a one-stop ethical, natural and eco-friendly shop for the entire family.


I was recently sent two products from the Plan Toys wooden range. These high-quality wooden toys have won numerous awards for design and will provide hours of educational fun and entertainment for your children. From beautiful wooden baby rattles and baby gym to their iconic Victorian dollhouse and doll furniture, there is a sustainable toy for everyone. These are sustainable toys manufactured using waste rubberwood (left over from the rubber tree industry) to make their toys, as well as using organic watercolour based dyes to stain them. They’re then packaged in cardboard boxes printed with soy ink.

This is the Plan Toys Beehives RRP £20.95
It really is just the sweetest toy! It can help encourage fine motor skills, coordination, language and math skills.

plantoys beehive

It comes with 6 colourful wooden hives and matching bees. Also included is a pair of wooden pincers/tweezers to help pick up the bees and put them in their coordinating hive.

My children were instantly attracted to this toy. It stands out and is different from their normal toys they engaged straight away with it. First counting how many bees there were, naming the colours, my son understood what to do straight away. He picked up the tweezers and used them to grab the bees by their wings and then put them into their hives.

Soon they were playing around with all the different ways that the hives could be arranged and stacked up, making a tall tower of hives and then a flower pattern on the ground. There is such great variety in what you can do with this toy, it encourages great imaginative play.

I have to say that this toy held their interest for far longer than I had imagined it would, and I would highly recommend it.

The next toy we received is the Plan Toys Sandwich Meal RRP £11.99

sandwich meal

I imagine most parents home has a play kitchen of some sort. They seem to be a favourite and must have role play toy for most kids.

Ours is stocked with pots and pans, a little drainer next to the sink with utensils in it and loads of plastic food.
This however is different it comes with two slices of bread, ham, cheese, two onions, banana, cucumber, tomato and a plate.

My daughter loved arranging the wooden food to create a sandwich with a banana on the side. She then carried it over to me telling me she had made my lunch for work. This product is packaged in a cardboard box and the pieces inside were in a brown paper bag, which my daughter used as a sandwich bag.


There are lots of different variations to create with this toy, and my daughter told me she took the onion out as she doesn’t like them. Although this toy didn’t hold their attention for as long as the bee hives, it is still a great toy that she has gone back to and played with on numerous occasions, mainly when we have friends and family over as she enjoys making it for them.

Overall Babeme Plan Toys are of a very high quality, I love that they are sustainable and all packaging can be recycled. I would highly recommend these toys!


  1. These look great! I've not heard of the brand before However we love wooden toys. I'm very tempted with the beehive one. Thank you for linking up with #TacticalTuesdays

  2. I love plan toys. We have the sorting cups with counters and my little girl loves them. Really tempted to purchase a set of bees. #thatfridaylinky

  3. I don't know what it is but I just love wooden toys. My kids are instantly attracted to them too. The bees one would be great for my sons fine motor skills

  4. Wow, that beehive toy looks great for fine motor skills and also matching colours. What a lovely toy! Thank you for linking up with #tacticaltuesdays

  5. These look like really great toys, love both the design and wooden material! #TacticalTuesdays


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