5 Money Saving Tips

I’m sure we can all admit to overspending at some point in our lives or buying unnecessary items.

I for one have a slight addiction to all things Disney but specifically Dumbo, and when I saw a cushion printed with a sweet sleeping Dumbo I didn’t think twice about spending the £7 on it, ok so £7 may not really be a great spending splurge but altogether I find it’s the little things that add up. Over recent years we have had to seriously cut back on our spending and become a bit more savvy with our spending.

Here are five money saving tips that we have found useful;

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1) Turn off all electrics – over the years we have probably left most of our electrics on standby overnight or if we have gone out or even when we’ve been away on holiday, for example so that our TV still records our favourite programmes. Of course nowadays you can catch up on most shows.
All together I switched off the baby monitors, the clock on the oven and the microwave, the TV and DVD player. On our next bill I was surprised to see that it had actually made quite a big difference. Even now we leave the heating off if we are out, where as previously we would have left it on low or set the timer for it to come on before we got home so it would be toasty.

2) Look for deals – this has to be one of my favourite tips! Need to buy a birthday gift or run out of your mascara, even your food. If you shop around yes you will find cheaper offers, but the best thing I have done is to join the many freebie and deal groups you can find on facebook. For example LatestDeals is one of my favourites as they seem to find a lot of glitches. A glitch is a mispriced item or an item which has had two offers applied to it. My best mispriced item I bought was the Roxi Jukebox RRP £199 but it was priced on their website at 99p I managed to buy two of these one for myself and the kids and one as a gift. The best offer stack I had was at Christmas time from Boots, they had an offer on for 3 for 2 cheapest free and on top of this the items were also marked up as half price, I managed to bag three soap and glory sets for just £5, when they were originally marked up as £25 each.

3) Stop impulse buying – usually I would go out with the aim of just doing a basic food shop but then of course when you’re in the store you see other items that are not on your list and you pick them up and pop them in your basket. These items are usually gift sets, toys or home wear for me. Now though I will either do my food shop online avoiding the temptation of seeing other items or I will apply the motto ‘do I really need this?’ and I will wait a day or two before buying it to see if I have changed my mind.

Image from www.pexels.com

4) Downsize your car – when our car was written off last year, we couldn’t afford to buy a new one. We were thankful that we were able to take out a loan to purchase a second hand car. We didn’t really look around though, as we both work full time and our little ones are in school we just needed a car and quick and we weren’t fussy with what we chose. On second thoughts though we should have put some consideration into what we were buying but we just went for the cheapest we could find at the time. Which overall really wasn’t the cheapest as it was a 2.4 and ate a lot of petrol!

5) Save left over food – I started meal planning as we used to have a lot of food waste especially with the kids, now however I plan and budget our meals and if we do have any leftovers we usually make it into a stew or the cat has it for his dinner! Or we simply refrigerate it for the next day. There are a variety of meal planners on the internet as well as budget planners which it so much easier to save on your food waste.


  1. Great tips, especially saving leftovers and switching off electrics. I am not great at remembering this!

  2. I always save left over food and turn it into something else. I really like your tips here. I really should stop impulse buying too! lol!

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  3. I can be guilty of leaving the computer on over night! I try and make sure to turn switches off and I also have a habit of impulse buying, especially as I have a sweet tooth. #fabfridaypost

  4. Brilliant tips! Meal planning and organising all our meals really helped us when we were going through a financial hardship and those good habits have stuck with us.#FabFridayPost


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