Weekend Box Club Review - Get The Family Together

A survey commissioned by children’s activity provider Weekend Box Club, revealed that 88% of parents wished they had more quality time to spend with their children. A third of UK parents have less than 10 hours a week to spend with their children. Modern living and pressures dictate that finding quality time to spend together is proving difficult.

Newcastle-based Weekend Box Club creates and sends out activity boxes to subscribers’ filled with two or four activities to enjoy together. The boxes are deliver on either a fortnightly or monthly basis with a new theme each box.

weekend box club

Make, bake, create and explore are all covered by the boxes, which aim to ensure time spent by parents with children aged 3-8 is quality. The boxes can be used at home, away or with friends. 

The boxes come complete with activities and easy ‘how to’ sheets, for the parents and children to follow together.

The box I received is dinosaur themed which is perfect as the kids have been learning all about dinosaurs in school recently!

Inside the box you will find four colourful envelopes each holding its own activity. Also included in our box was a glue stick and black pen. Each activity has been given a duration time of 30 minutes to complete.

Activity 1 - Dino Claws 

In the envelope;
Two sheets of green cardboard
Dinosaur Claw template
Yellow claw stickers
Green ribbon

weekend box club
Inside the booklet you will find the instructions for each activity.

My children couldn’t wait to get started! My eldest set about cutting out the template whilst my little boy drew around it onto the cardboard, then threading through the ribbon onto each paw.

My son especially loved these and had a good stomp around with them on!

weekend box club

Activity 2 – Dino Hatchling

In the envelope;
Green and yellow paper
White card
Colourful pompoms
A split pin 

This activity was definitely my daughter’s favourite! She enjoyed drawing the egg, sticking on the dinosaur’s spikes and the pompoms. This activity is a cute one and they thoroughly enjoyed opening the egg to reveal the baby dino!

Activity 3 – Chomping Dinosaur Head

In the envelope;
Dinosaur head template
A peg
Red paper
Sticky label 

I wasn’t sure this one would actually work, but to my surprise it actually worked really well! Following the instructions my children coloured in the peg, cut out some sharp teeth from the sticky label and stuck them onto the peg, we then drew around the template onto the paper and cut it out gluing it onto the peg and our dinosaur head was created! By squeezing the peg you can open and close his mouth making him roar!

Activity 4 – Rise Crispie Cakes

In the envelope;
Rice crispies
Chocolate buttons
Mini eggs
Cake cases 

We didn’t use the cake cases that came with this activity as they were a bit squashed.

This is an enjoyable activity allowing the kids to get their hands stuck in, however the 5 or 6 chocolate buttons provided were nowhere near enough once melted to cover the rice crispies, luckily we had some chocolate buttons in our cupboard which we added to the mix.

The kids really enjoyed mixing the chocolate and crispies together and spooning it into the cases, and they enjoyed eating them once set!

I absolutely love The Weekend Box Club. All of the activities were thoroughly enjoyable by my children and myself. My children really were engrossed in every part of each activity. I do find myself struggling to keep them entertained and these boxes are just fab. I will definitely be buying some more.

To receive your first mini box (containing 2 activities) free or Bumper Box (containing all 4 activities) for £1. Follow this link where the discount has already been applied: https://www.weekendboxclub.com/af/deliver


  1. Looks like lots of fun. Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

  2. That looks brilliant, my son loves dinosaurs so would have been all over it! #kidsandkreativity

  3. We love subscription boxes, and my little dino mad boy would love this one! Thanks for linking up with #KidsandKreativity, I really hope you come back next time x


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