Utopia 360 Elite VR Headset by My ReTrak

Finding the perfect gift for dads or sons isn't always easy. My husband is hard to buy for, I usually ask him what he wants and he normally replies with "I can't think of anything I want", which is not the most helpful reply. He loves his games consoles PS4 etc. and even more so his old retro gaming consoles.

So bringing him into the modern day world I have been sent the Utopia 360 Elite Edition VR Headset from My ReTrak. 

utopia 360

It's a virtual ritual headset like no other I have come across! It is fully immersive and allows you to experience a world beyond your imagination.

In the box you will find;

  • HD optical resin lenses headset

  • Removable stereo headphones

  • Bluetooth gaming controller

  • Instructions

utopia 360

Its main features include;

  • Ergonomic Halo Band paired with a ventilated cushion for long lasting comfort

  • Captive Touch Button

  • Built-in mic and volume controls

  • Independent Focal length adjustment for each eye

  • Interpupillary Distance Wheel to modify the distance between lenses for custom optics

  • Removable Face Plate allows for total compatibility with augmented reality apps

  • Universal Phone Cradle

  • HD Stereo Headphones with a slide out design for use with and without audio.

utopia 360

The VR headset is simple to use, you download the VR-Compatible app on your smart device, secure your phone into the headset and you're ready!

There is a wide range of compatible apps which allows users of all ages to enjoy the immersive experience. some can be a bit hit or miss though.

The overall unit is made from plastic but it appears to be of good sturdy build and it is strong and durable. At first use it does feel quite heavy when wearing but when you're playing the games you don't really notice it as much.

I have to admit I did struggle to get the headset to stay on my head as it kept slipping off but my husband tried he had no problem with it staying on. I'm assuming it was due to my hair as when I tied it up the unit stayed on, so there's a little tip for any of the ladies out there who are thinking about having a go on one of these.

The headset is adjustable and the ear pieces fit just as they should and the audio quality sound is pretty good I have to admit. There is a built in cable which plugs into your device and the volume control is on the right hand of the headset.

The graphics on the games vary, some are quite simple like the Froggy VR game which is just full of colour but the war and action apps do have more in depth detail which definitely adds to the quality of play.

ReTrak is based in Dallas but they have recently started selling in the UK.
This product is available from shopping nation for £54.99

I can highly recommend the Utopia 360 Elite Edition, it would make a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other occassion.