How To Stay Out Of Debt This Christmas

For many families Christmas can be a tough time. Trying to find the extra income to ensure your loved ones have a magical Christmas is a real struggle. With many families working overtime or taking on second jobs, we look at how you can stay out of debt this Christmas.

CreditFix is a great site to visit for financial tips and advice.
I have comprised some useful tips to help you manage Christmas:

Voucher Schemes
There are a number of retailers who offer savings schemes in return for Christmas vouchers.

This could prove to a be a real help when Christmas comes around.

Most of these voucher saving schemes allow you to pay in a set amount of money each month or simply however much you can afford and then come October/November time your savings will be turned into vouchers and posted to you for you to spend at a number of retailers.

The most well-known of these companies is Park who offer Love2Shop vouchers, as well as a number of different retailer vouchers and gift cards.

With these there are no fees or charges so however much you pay in is what you will get back.

Buy Throughout The Year
This is probably by far the easiest option and this is what I do every year. Rather than waiting till just before Christmas and rushing around in one or two days trying to find gifts for everybody I basically don’t stop shopping. By that I don’t mean I go and shop every day, what I mean is if I know there is a good sale on I will take a look at what is on offer and put the items I buy to one side ready to sort for Christmas. I have joined a number of Facebook groups dedicated to finding the best deals and bargains as well as glitches, and I have saved easily over £200 alone from these groups.

Here are some of the deals I have managed to buy this year;

Soap and Glory Take Your Pink Gift Set RRP £10 each however at Boots online these were not only advertised at half price but also as part of the 3 for 2 deal meaning I paid just £5 for three gift sets!

Another Boots offer were these Montagne Avocado Face Masks reduced to just 15p each, I managed to bag 30 face masks for just £4.50!

Save Coupons and Points
Tesco for example offer Clubcard vouchers when you shop with them. You earn points per pound and when they add up they will send them out to you. I usually earn between £5 and £10, but these can be saved and used together as quite often the expiry date is over a year away.

When you spend and Boots or Morissons for example you received points, these can be saved throughout the year and then used for Christmas, they’re particularly handy for any deals on offer such as 3 for 2.

Quite often you can also find vouchers in magazines, newspaper and online which can be used in store against your total bill or on certain products.

I have never actually tried this one but I do know that it does work for a lot of people.

Simply use a spreadsheet or write down your income and expenses, then try and save a little of what you have left over. You could save it in an ISA to earn interest or a money jar at home.

Buy Only For The Children
This year and last year we really were struggling. We had a chat and talked to our families about just buying gifts for the children instead of each other. Not only is this a great way to save money but it leaves you a little extra to spend on your Christmas dinner!

Buy Second Hand
I am a great lover of charity shops and selling groups. I see no shame in buying second hand gifts, and in fact a lot of second hand items might just simply be unwanted or duplicate gifts that somebody has received and doesn’t want. They’ll quite often advertised these at a fraction of the retail cost. The must have toys are often of high value. My daughter nagged me last year for a Leap Frog Leap Pad, brand new they’re around £70-£100, but I found a lady selling a second hand older model on a Facebook group she even had the original box, granted it was a bit tatty and torn but my daughter didn’t care about the box! This cost me a mere £20. It’s definitely worth looking around for the best deals and even asking if anybody is selling an item you’re looking to buy before you head to the shops.

Look For Cheap Sites
If you google cheap deals or cheap vinyl if you are looking for vinyl's for example you are sure to find a number of sites offering you just this.

Do you have any amazing money saving or budgeting tips? How do you prepare for Christmas? We'd love to hear from you. You can comment below...


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