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I can always remember my parents helping me with my homework when I was in school and I also admired how patient they were with me especially when I couldn’t understand the question or see the answer. They were always there to show me the way and guide me. Now that I have my own children I remembered those moments and am determined to be as hands on with my children’s’ education as I can be. I have to admit though that I do sometimes struggle with certain subjects, mainly maths, that’s why I was very glad to discover Education Quizzes.

It’s important to know that Education Quizzes is not a trivia quiz website. Every one of the quizzes is designed to be educational and fun! And what’s more all the questions are written by teachers!

Each quiz is based around the school curriculum and their primary objective is to help children be successful at school by offering quizzes for Key stage 1 (age5-7), key stage 2 (age 7-11) ,key stage 3 (age 11-14), 11 plus and GCSEs. As well as these there are also non curriculum quizzes and ESL (English as a second language) quizzes.

The website is very welcoming and easy to use. Straight away I found quizzes for younger children, as my eldest is 5. These quizzes are based on Key Skills 1 and offer quizes on maths, art and design and more. Plus they are really fun to complete!

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There are a number of multiple choice quizzes available for revision and you will get instant notification of whether your answer is correct or not. In the revision sessions the format is set in a way that constantly makes you think and concentrate so you can move forward in a snappy way!

There are specific sections for teachers, parents and students to access. The students area is full of quizzes and fun revision techniques. The parents area allows parents access to information on how they can help their child with the quizzes and teachers area allows teachers to sign up their school, enable a virtual teaching assistant and set online homework goals.

Also on the website are a number of specialist subject quizzes. These include general knowledge questions  such as world war, religions, books, gardening, music, flags of the world, nature and many more.

The website offers a subscription service for just £9.95 a month (which can be cancelled at any time). This provides access to all quizzes. Education Quizzes want to promote this idea to schools.  In essence, a school can pay them on behalf of the students and benefit from greatly reduced costs.  Depending on the number of students at a school, it is possible for them to sign-up students for as little as £2.00 per year.  This is a miniscule proportion of the £4,500+ that each school is paid for each student each year and they believe it is an extremely small price to pay for a school to get more engagement with the parents.  It would also win the school some brownie-points when it comes to the next Ofsted inspection!

Overall Education Quizzes is a fantastic tool for all parents, students and teachers, it offers quizzes designed for all children. The website is so easy to use, and offers a great bonding experience for you and your child to learn together.

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  1. It’s a great website. Very fun quizzes and a great way for children to learn x


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