Forth With Life: Advanced Thyroid Blood Test

Forth With Life are a group of clinical and digital experts who are passionate about healthcare. They offer a number of different blood tests, all of which give you greater control of your own health.

A few years ago after the birth of my second child I found myself feeling not quite right. I was tired, I had no energy or motivation, I was putting on weight and I kind of presumed it was post-natal depression. Luckily for me my husband had had quite enough of it all and ordered me to the doctor’s office. The doctor wanted to rule out any medical conditions by running a few blood tests.

I honestly had no idea that the results would come back abnormal. The results showed that I was very anaemic but that I also had a underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). In fact she said it’s the worst she had seen and no wonder I had been feeling awful! Straight away she put me onto a high dose of levothyroxine, which is a daily dose for life.

Since then I have spent many hours researching into hypothyroidism and all the different tests that can and SHOULD be done.

The basic tests for the thyroid are;

Thyroid Simulating Hormone (TSH)

Thyroxine (T4)

Triiodothyronine (T3)

Having read a lot about these online I decided to request a copy of my blood records from my GP. From these I could see that the very first bloods that were taken were TSH and T4. Then every year since then only my TSH has been tested. My T3 has never been tested. Now I also know since then that apparently UK doctors don’t test the T3. The thyroid produces the hormone T3 and T4 together these control your metabolism, body’s heart rate and temperature. By measuring the T3 in your blood your doctor may able to tell if you have a thyroid problem. T4 is mostly inactive, but T3 is active. The generally prescribed Levothyroxine is T4 but sometimes T4 isn’t enough to manage a person’s symptoms. Therefore many people on Levo still experience symptoms, and T3 options should be considered such as Armour or Nature Thyroid. However as I have mentioned T3 doesn’t appear to be tested or prescribed in the UK.

Forth With Life very kindly offered me their AdvancedThyroid Test and I jumped at the chance. This test includes all of the above hormones so I was very excited to get these results.

The kit itself includes;

·         3 finger prick tests

·         1 vial

·         Wipes

·         Plaster

·         Biological bag to return sample

·         instructions

I’m very glad that the test included 3 finger prick tests as I did find this quite difficult. Mainly because I didn’t seem to bleed much and you need to fill the vial to the top line in order to get a full sample. Thankfully on the last one I must have hit the right spot as I had enough to fill the vial and more! So I would recommend tissues on standby! Overall though it is fairly simple and easy enough to do yourself.

The next step is to pop the vial into the bag provided, pop it in the post box and wait for your results to come in!

A few days later I received an email saying that my results were ready! Simply log on to your online account and you can view all of these. And to my surprise and happiness they all came back normal. The website itself is easy to use and navigate.

I would highly recommended Forth With Life. The overall process is quick and easy and the results come back very quickly. They offer a great range of tests including tests for the liver, vitamin D, Cortisol, diabetes and many more! I’m now quite eager to get my general health checked so I will be back!