A Trip To Budapest

I always enter competitions and I'm never normally lucky but July was definitely my lucky month this year.


In this month I won a Wonder Woman bundle prize, tickets to a comedy show and the most amazing prize get a trip to Budapest for the Sziget 25th anniversary festival courtesy of Eurolines and National Express.


When I received the email I was in work and I couldn't hold back my excitement as I announced it to an office full of my colleagues as they looked at me slightly bemused as to what was going on.


I really couldn't believe it. I must've read that email about ten times before it finally sunk in and after I'd confirmed acceptance of my prize I refreshed my emails probably at least every five minutes waiting for a reply!


It finally confirmed then that yes we were indeed the lucky winners and we would be travelling in August.


August! Omg it wasn't far away and I had so much to do. Get a passport for one thing! I mean I did have a passport but it just so happened to expire at the end of July! I booked a one day rush appointment at the passport office phew got it in time. Next we needed to exchange our currency and pack.


The prize didn't include any accommodation, but it did include transport by coach and a seven day pass to the festival. We could bring our own tent and camp on the island of the festival for free though, which we did intend to do.. But after buying a tent, sleeping bags and everything else we needed it was just too much to carry and having checked the temperate in Budapest it was around 35 degrees we didn't really fancy camping in a hot tent. So we booked a hotel, The Ibis Styles Budapest Centre hotel. This would allow us our own shower and plenty of time to also visit the sights.


The departure day arrived quickly. We headed to our local coach station where we would get a coach to London and from there we would head to Hungary via France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Slovakia! A journey that took around 28 hours in total I think.


The journey was long and tiring but the views we saw along the way certainly made up for it and we got to stop off in every country along the way.


We finally arrived in Budapest. Now we had to find our way to the hotel. We didn't really fancy trying to figure out the local transport we just wanted to get there quickly after all we had been travelling a long time.


We decided to take a taxi. This was easier although I have some advice! Make sure the taxi driver turns on the meter! Ours didn't and decided to charge us almost £15 for a £7 ride!


Anyone once at our hotel we settled in and then decided to go for a walk to check out the local area. We strolled along the road strewn with shops everywhere until we came to the river. Wow it really was amazing! I knew then that we couldn't leave with taking a boat ride along the Danube river!


We decided as we would probably never get the chance to visit Budapest again we wanted to make the most of our stay by seeing as many of the attractions as we could.


I have to say the transport system in Budapest is amazing. Every runs every few minutes so there really is no waiting around although trying to find the right stops wasn't easy. Luckily we found an transport app that told us exactly what tram, metro etc to take to get us to where we wanted to go.


First we wanted to see Fishermans Bastion and Matthias church. Fishermans Bastion is truly beautiful and well worth a visit, the church is also beautiful.


Next we went to the castle district and then headed to the museum on the rock for a tour of the hospital, followed by a ride on the funicular (Such fun!, we went on twice!) we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the museum and then enjoyed a fabulous dinner with amazing views!


The next day we visited Parliament although we were missed the English tour (be sure to book in advance!) it's still a pretty amazing building to visit! We headed down to the river to await our boat tour I'd highly recommend doing this! An hour long tour on the Danube where you can take in all the sights and relax on the river. There are many boat trips to choose from if you book online I recommend finding the boat mooring in advance as there is a lot!


The next day then we headed over to the festival. We crossed over the colourful bridge and into a real life Alice in wonderland filled with bars, entertainment, stalls and games. It was really amazing, like nothing I've ever seen before. We looked all around the island, and decided to head to the beach, which was actually very disappointing as there was metal fencing around the water's edge and a sea of tents everywhere so you couldn’t really relax anywhere.

Anyway the rest of the festival was truly amazing, and the acts were such as amazing.

 On the last day we decided to take a trip to the Zoo, and we got very lost! We did eventually find the zoo though and it really is worth a visit even if just to see the Polar bears! They were truly amazign to see in real life although incredibly sad that they're in captivity. We also visited Hereos which is opposite the zoo.


We weren't particularly looking forward to the coach ride back as comfy as the coach was after a few hours and certainly nearly 30 it doesn’t stay comfy for long and on the return journey my feet just couldn’t take it anymore and swelled so much that I couldn’t even fit them in my shoes. So if you're planning on a long coach ride make sure you pack some compression socks!


This was our first trip abroad together and overall we had the most amazing time filled with so many memories. We love Budapest and we will be back one day I'm sure!


  1. I have never thought about Budapest as a holiday destination! from your pictures it looks amazing! #thatfridaylinky

  2. Hubs and I went to Budapest ten years ago and loved it. I really want to go back, and this post has made me want to even more!


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